Amazon Slashes Prices For EC2 Instances
CRN, Feb 7, 2013

The cloud service provider has cut prices of on-demand Amazon EC2 instances running Linux

Continuing its strategy of maintaining bargain-basement prices for use of its infrastructure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cut charges for some of its services, the 25th reduction since its launch in 2006.

The cloud service provider said it was cutting the prices of its on-demand Amazon EC2 instances running Linux.
The reductions apply to the instances of CPU and memory offered in the AWS M1 (First Generation Standard), M2 (High Memory), M3 (Second Generation Standard), and C1 (High-CPU) families.

"We continue to work to make AWS more powerful and less expensive, and to pass the savings on to you," Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist, AWS, wrote on a company blog.

The size of the reductions varies. For example, for the MI standard in the US West Region in Northern California, the reductions offer 27.7 percent savings, while in the US East Region in Northern Virginia, prices dropped by 7.7 percent.

For C1 standard, prices in the US West Region in Northern California dropped by 11.3 percent, and for the US East Region in Northern Virginia, they dropped by 12.1 percent.

The company also said it is lowering the cost of transferring data from one AWS region to another. The savings range from 26 percent in the Asia Pacific region to 83 percent in the Oregon and Northern California regions in the US West regions and the Northern Virginia region in the US East.

In addition, AWS said it has now expanded availability of its Second Generation (M3) instances on EC2. M3, which offers up to 50 percent higher CPU performance than other families of instances. It previously was available only in the Northern Virginia region.

Now, customers can use M3 instances in the Oregon, Northern California, Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and GovCloud (US) regions, with a scheduled roll out planned within weeks for Sao Palo, Brazil, Barr said.
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