HPC Will Gain Prominence In 2014: Intel
CRN, Feb 6, 2014

India will have more supercomputers listed in the Top 500. Increased collaboration among experts from CSIR, DST and the industry will propel high-performance computing application

The year 2013 saw the emergence of a highly-connected, multi-device, world landscaped with a new generation of people using perceptual computing via intuitive input methods such as touch, voice and gesture. The year was a turning point for cloud deployment in the APAC region with cloud users demanding standardized, open, interoperable platforms for cloud computing for general business operations.

With increasing Internet penetration, 2013 saw the convergence of social media, cloud and mobile, with new populations coming online and finding newer ways to connect and share. Enterprises saw a resurgence in connectivity as employees looked for better ways to create connections and work efficiently with colleagues.
The core system builder business models are evolving, and resellers today are playing a greater role in influencing end customer technology buying decisions

Big data was a key focus area for a lot of enterprises as they grappled with storing and analyzing massive amounts of user data to get near real-time insights into customer behavior to tailor products and services to exceed their customers’ expectations.

The demand for standardized, open, interoperable platforms for cloud computing became a focus in 2013. Companies dealing with legacy RISC infrastructure looked for more efficient, cost-effective solutions to handle increasing workloads and mission-critical applications.

Outlook 2014
The following trends will dominate IT spends in 2014. 
Education evolving: Intel predicts that within the next 3-5 years India will see huge growth in device ownership with one device for every student increasingly being the norm. The key challenge will be providing the students, particularly in regional areas, with the right education, devices and services to engage them.

Consumers demanding new levels of interaction: In 2014, consumers can choose from a range of devices including traditional laptops, 2-in-1s, tablets and portable AIOs across various price-points to fit every budget. Touch it, type on it or talk to it—these devices are multi-tasking powerhouses that will offer new interaction possibilities.

The Internet of things spreading: New technologies will help extend vendors’ reach to rapidly growing areas from the Internet of things to wearable computing. This trend is being driven by increasingly connected devices, seamless connectivity from sensors to the data center, cloud economics for compute and data, and the acceleration of big data analytics to extract value from data. The Internet of things offers businesses the opportunity to develop new services, enhance productivity and efficiency, improve real-time decision-making, solve critical problems and develop new consumer experiences.

High-performance computing gaining more prominence: With ongoing tech innovations in the area of HPC, I expect India to have more supercomputers listed in the Top 500 in 2014. Additionally, increased collaboration among leading experts in CSIR, DST and the industry is expected to further propel the application of HPC in India with more scientists and researchers getting access to parallel computing clusters.

Big data paving the way for innovation: We believe that having 15 billion connected devices in the next few years is achievable. The question is where the data will go when these devices connect and the best way to use that information. This will prompt a whole industry to grow around predictive analysis and raw data. Big data will help make companies smarter, more progressive and give them a business advantage. Governments will soon follow.

Channel opportunities
The system builder community continued to lead the way in developing innovative in 2013. The core system builder business models are evolving, and resellers today are playing a greater role in influencing end customer technology buying decisions.

We are seeing system builder partners building new types of appliances and access devices to capitalize on new business opportunities, and we expect more innovation to come out of the Indian system builder channel in 2014.
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