Amdocs unveils AI-powered, cloud-native home operating system


Amdocs, a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, hass announced doxiÔ HomeOS, a cloud-native home operating system (OS) powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

doxi HomeOS helps communication service providers (CSPs) meet consumers’ expectations for personalised experiences by providing smart, AI-based insights, simple voice commands and “touch free” care capabilities so that consumers’ precise and immediate support needs can be resolved simply and efficiently.

With doxi HomeOS’ enhanced cybersecurity monitoring capabilities and provision of greater visibility and parental control over the growing number and usage of connected devices and apps in the home, families gain peace-of-mind as well as incredible ease and convenience.

“The home broadband experience has become increasingly complex, fragmented and stymied by cybersecurity unknowns,” said Emma Mohr-McClune, GlobalData’s Service Director for Consumer Services, Platforms and Devices, adding, “The average household simply isn’t up to the integration challenge, and to date service providers have been limited in their ability to help consumers address the many experience pain-points within the connected home. A solution like Amdocs doxi HomeOS could allow service providers the opportunity to carve out a new position for themselves in the smart home value chain, with a simple but smarter router solution that can act as both the experience guarantor and data caretaker for the home.”

“Amdocs doxi HomeOS is the missing piece in the connected home ecosystem and the first in the industry to add an AI-powered management layer over home broadband services,” said Gil Rosen, general manager of amdocs:next, adding, “doxi HomeOS can create new revenue opportunities and significantly lower the care costs that have risen due to the growing complexity of more connected devices in consumers’ homes. doxi HomeOS is relevant for all broadband providers ranging from incumbents looking to differentiate and grow services to CSPs rolling out 5G fixed wireless access to enhance home broadband connectivity. By enabling an end-to-end intelligent home service that meets customers’ expectations for an enhanced connected experience, doxi HomeOS is an important asset and differentiator for any and all service providers.”


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