Simplifai, a Norwegian AI company announce its entry in Indian AI and Hyper Automation Market


Simplifai, a leading company in Natural Language Technology having offerings in AI and Automation, has announced its services for the Indian sub-continent.

The Norwegian AI company has had offices in Pune focusing on the technological development. After a successful run in the Nordic region, they are expanding with a sales department and marketing team at this office, taking a step further towards expanding its services to the Indian and global market.

The Indian Economy is a large economy that is rapidly growing steady rise in demand for business process automation with AI and Hyper Automation products and solutions. There has also been a recent focus by the government in developing a plan for the Artificial Intelligence field. Some of the top AI applications include automation of business processes, emailbots, chatbots, Natural Language Processing (NLP), free text and Image recognition.

The AI and Automation market continues to offer great possibilities to the Indian Market. The industry clocks in multi-million-dollar prospects for Indian IT companies. With the market looking at avenues to scale effortlessly with speed and high availability, AI based automation is now a key that offer intelligent precision and consistency.

With ground-breaking technology, Simplifai is not only automating, but automating intelligently. Our disruptive Digital Employees understand human communication, make decisions, and execute tasks with an automation grade of 90%. We are here to fill the gaps in the market for AI-based hyper-automation solutions for business processes that offer digital transformation.

With the AI Digital Employee, Simplifai wants to address the demand in market for companies that could benefit from automating manual, routine work processes, to provide error free processing and greater efficiency and availability. It’s a well-rounded solution which is simple to use, with integrations across emailbot, chatbot, documentbot as well as third party applications that offers innovation with simplicity.

About Simplifai

Simplifai is a Norwegian ISV headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with subsidiaries in India and Ukraine. The company is developing solutions, in the form of Digital Employees, which can automate business processes with high volumes of natural language communication, and be tailored to any industry for different purposes at the office to benefit workflows. The company is also an IP co-sell certified Microsoft partner.

Simplifai’s approach to automating business processes through off-the-shelf, easily configurable products reduce both risks and investments normally associated with AI-driven automation projects. Learn more about Simplifai at

Simplifai – Artificial Intelligence for the future work force.

Headquarter address: Stortorvet 10, 0155 Oslo PO Box: PO Box 1033 Hoff, 0218 Oslo
India Office address: The Pavilion, S. No. 105/1, 2nd Floor, Baner, Pune- 411045
E-mail: [email protected]


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