Zyfra proposes AI system for Indian industry to detect metalwork machine anomalies


Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider for heavy industries Zyfra announced it has developed a predictive analytics (PdA) solution powered by machine learning to enhance the capabilities of metalworking machines, which can bring major benefits to Indian industry.

Zyfra’s major clients in the country include the Indian Railways, Godrej and the Murugappa Group, while India has become the key foreign market for the company with more than 500 computerised numerical control (CNC) machines connected last year to its MDCplus real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection systems. By 2021 the company is looking at more than 2,000 MDCplus installations in India.

A company statement said that its new predictive analytics solution is designed to detect anomalies in technological process and identify their possible causes. This PdA solution analyses the real-time data from CNC machines, alerts users whenever an anomaly emerges, and indicates the possible cause while giving recommendations for further actions.

The system classifies a range of anomalies like tool quality, operator error in case of incorrect operating modes selection and machine failure. According to the company, metalworking machine failures could lead to defects in manufactured parts or cause equipment to break down. Implementation of the system results in cost reduction of manufactured parts, improvement in product quality and decline in spoiled products amount, as well as reduction of maintenance and repair costs and equipment downtime, the statement said.

The Zyfra PdA system is envisioned for CNC machines embedded with MDCplus real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection systems. The operating principle of the equipment monitoring system is that each machine automatically transfers data about its own performance into a single digital system.

As per a report by research firm Vason Bourne, over 80 per cent of companies worldwide have experienced an unexpected outage within the past three years.

“Developments in the field of Industry 4.0 allow to Indian companies today to create an economic effect without huge investments in modernization of production. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional digitalization solutions based on the industrial Internet of things (IIoT), such as equipment monitoring systems, will contribute not only to increasing production efficiency, but also to the competitiveness of Indian industry globally”, said Liana Meliksetyan, chief operating officer at Zyfra.


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