ASIRT organises session on E-Way Bill

CA Gaurav Save conducting a session on E-Way Bill: Practices and Compliance

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) hosted the TechDay for May 2018 at Vidyavihar, Mumbai. Apart from the insightful presentations from sponsor brands, the TechDay offered a detailed session on E-Way Bill: Practices and Compliance, by reputed CA Gaurav Save. The evening began with a detailed session on the networking offerings of Edimax, through a presentation by Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager, Edimax Technology Co, who spoke about the wide range of products and network solutions for enterprises. Apart from products like control systems, a wide range of Wi-Fi access points, advanced wireless technology, Edimax promoted its Office 123 product.

Elaborating on the features of the product, Joshi highlighted the significance of Wave 2 technology, which is at the core of the product and has been effective for use across sectors. From networking solutions for corporate, hospitality, education sectors besides residential purposes, the product is also beneficial in the surveillance segment.

Speaking about his association with ASIRT, Joshi said, “Edimax is a global leader in thoughtful and innovative product solutions and we have been working closely with the Indian SI partners to bring the best tailor-made solutions for Indian markets. Our Office 123 is a unique pre-configured DIY kind of product that can help reduce costs, time and resources, enabling SIs to take this directly to their customers. Through our association with industry bodies like ASIRT, we benefit largely by means of having a platform to showcase our latest offerings, gather feedback, hear out concerns and have an open interaction with the community. This is our 3rd interaction with ASIRT and we plan to keep coming back to the platform to stay in touch with the SI and Technology retailers.”

This was followed by an insightful presentation by Vasant Bhanushali, Director, Crystal Solutions, who highlighted the innovative breach detection, network monitoring and compliance management software, Cybowall.

Described as a non-intrusive and agentless solution, Cybowall provides complete and continuous monitoring of a given network across all protocols and extending to all endpoints. Designed by an Israel based corporation and marketed in Mumbai by Crystal Solutions, Cybowall enables organisations to map network assets, stop endpoint tampering and malware, identify network vulnerabilities, detect lateral movement, detect active breaches and meet compliance needs of such customers.

Speaking of ASIRT as his choice of platform to announce the launch of this solution in Indian markets, Bhanushali said, “We offer integrated network security solutions to all our clients, and building on that we found this solution called Cybowall, built by an Israeli company, Cybonet. The threats today have evolved from mere viruses to ransomware. Cybowall is a perfect solution to build defences of the network, especially for SMBs who don’t have access to the enterprise level infrastructure for network security. We bring this solution to ASIRT members because these are the people who deal with various aspects of IT, including security. Further, most of the ASIRT members also deal largely with SMB enterprises – the perfect target audience for Cybowall. These being a niche solution, ASIRT members are furthermore suited to take this up to the relevant target audience.”

The knowledge session on E-Way Bill: Practises and Compliance by CA Gaurav Save, witnessed member having an interactive dialogue, clarifying doubts and discussing different business scenarios for e-way bill compliance.


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