Nitin Kunkolienker elected for third term as Mait’s President for 2020-21


The Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT), the apex body representing India’s ICT & Electronics has elected Nitin Kunkolienker, Director (Member on Board) at Synegra EMS Ltd as the President of MAIT for a third Term.

Nitin has been part of MAIT’s management team and has played a key role in shaping the Electronics landscape of the country. The MAIT GC also re-elected Harish Krishnan, MD Public Affairs & SE Cisco and Rajkumar Rishi VP & MD Dell as Vice President to steer the Organization.

MAIT is the APEX electronics industry body constituted by leading Global and India Electronic IT, Mobile, OA, Datacom, Consumer Electronics, White Goods and Industrial Electronics companies.

George Paul, CEO, MAIT, said, “MAIT is fortunate to have such personalities to lead the Association, and the next two years are going to be an exciting time of growth for the sector in India.”

He added, “Kunkolienker is a thought leader in the electronics manufacturing arena. A man with a mission, and unlimited energy, he is a strong proponent of carrying along all stake holders in making India’s vision of becoming an Electronics Manufacturing leader a reality. It is a great opportunity for the entire industry to have him as our President. He has demonstrated his ability to drive growth and has delivered results for us in the past and will add value and extend MAIT’s growth to the new charter.”

Speaking on the occasion, Kunkolienker, President, MAIT said, “I am excited to continue my role at an interesting juncture when it has been a year of turbulent geopolitical developments and policy announcements like PLI that impacted the Electronics Industry in a big way. It is a right time to align the government policies with industry requirements to make India a successful manufacturing hub for the electronics and ICT hardware industry.”

Setting directions for the industry, he said “India is well poised to achieve the 400Bn Dollars in electronics manufacturing target set out in the NPE. We are in active discussions with GOI to extend PLI to other sub-sectors of electronics including ICT, White Goods.” He added, “Just in ICT, it is globally a 360 Bn USD opportunity and there is no reason why India should not garner at least 100 Bn in this sector alone.”

Kunkolienker also took an opportunity to thank the GoI and the leadership at Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for supporting and being responsive to the industry.

He laid out the vision for the Industry and Government to make India the Global Hub for Electronic Repair Services. He said that it is the new sunrise sector for India which offers high value addition and employment opportunity.

He also added that MAIT through its industry members is Championing “Chip to Product” vision of the country. He said “It is time we leveraged our design strength, and identified a number of products that India should focus on like STB, Surveillance Cameras, Adapters, Tablets where Products made around India IP Chips will become a reality. It is time for the Electronics Hardware industry in India to tap new opportunities and with MAIT being the apex body for Electronics Hardware, I look forward to working with the entire hardware ecosystem in India.”



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