Adit Microsys enables GST Suvidha Provider with its services


Adit Microsys, a Microsoft Gold Partner, delivered consulting, architecture, provisioning and 24/7 managed services of GST implementation on cloud with Express route connectivity in collaboration with ISP. With the launch of Centralised Taxation System in India, the Government of India has authorised 34 GST Service Providers (GSPs) across the country for
GST filing.

The customer, who is a leading financial services provider, wanted to implement the GSP system on Microsoft Azure. With challenging deadlines, stringent security and complex networking requirements, the customer wanted a cutting-edge solution on Azure with swift turnaround times.

Adit Microsys provided a highly available and scalable cloud solution on Azure India data centre. The servers were deployed as Azure IaaS Vms, using Microsoft Hypervisor virtualisation technology, with MS SQL PaaS database. Network connectivity between the GSP Azure environment and the GSTN data centre network – in Bengaluru and Delhi – was setup using a dedicated Secured Express Route tunnel – the connectivity was provided by Airtel.

Security was ensured through Cisco 1000v IPSec Firewall setup to communicate with GST Network. The Azure backup service is being used for VM data and database availability. Azure App Insight is configured for hosted application monitoring. Azure Security Centre is being used to enhance security of VMs and application. Azure application load balancer service is used for load balancing of hosted applications. Whereas, Azure Redis Cache service is being used for enhanced performance of application.

The customer’s business as a GST Suvidha Provider started only after Adit Microsys implemented the solution. Without this set-up, they could not operate as a GST Suvidha Provider. They were one of the earliest providers to go live and at a lower cost.

The biggest differentiator is that this was not a project that supported a mission critical activity of an organisation. In this case, the set-up was, itself, the business. Without this set-up, the customer’s business could not have started. The complex cloud set-up on Azure and working closely with different OEMs were other huge challenges which were successfully addressed.

Adit Microsys co-ordinated with Microsoft, Airtel and various other vendors to bring everything together. Thus, the customer did not require any other technical resource to set up this complex solution. Adit Microsys provided 24/7 services to ensure client’s business gets going in the right away. In absence of this, the client would have to hire people to manage this cloud set-up. Adit Microsys’ services helped save the custmer’s expense by taking care of emergency services.


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