Ameya InfraTech provides automated attendance solution


A company wanted automated attendance solution. The company has 6,280 employees from 157 branches in 22 cities. This count will soon increase to 23,800 employees from 595 branches in 85 cities. The company sensed a lot of misuse happening in the physical presence and the number of hours worked by the employees. Each man hour was precious as the company is into time bound client service and every man hour had commercial impact as the number of employees was high in volume. More importantly it was difficult to manage the working hours of the employees from various branches and cities pan-India.

Ameya InfraTech, thus, designed a solution to address this challenge very effectively, in an innovative way. It deployed IP surveillance cameras both at entry and exit points of the branch and the AI software was deployed at each location. Now, the solution recognises the face of each employee and records the first login, the last log out and the log in time between movements in the office for the entire day. This solution precisely gives the number of actual working hours of each employee across branches.

This is a rare combination of IP surveillance and artificial intelligence built on it with the usage of cloud technology. Ameya InfraTech used facial recognition to the next level with its algorithms built around.

Pre-deployment scenario: The client was using biometric device to track the movement of the employees and found a major flaw in biometric device system. Employees were not punching during the day’s movement, except for the first and last movement. The staff sneaked out of office without informing, engaged in other activities, come back to office and go late from the office which would finally show more number of working hours, which is not true.

Post-deployment scenario: Once the solution was implemented, every movement of each employee is being captured and dashboards are created. As it is an automated movement system, the employees cannot fake their presence any longer. The dashboards have been provided for each employee with their photos, employee details, daily/weekly/monthly working hours, hours spent outside office, etc. The state of the art dashboards have been provided both in tabular and graphical format.

The investment and technology made for Automated Attendance Solution can be upgraded with minimal software addition for eventuality notifications, unusual activities notifications, differentiate the employees from visitors, contractors and vendors, heat map of people, internal journey of employee movement, notifications on non-usage of uniform, shoes, gloves, caps, etc in the production environment.

Thus the solution is futuristic and scalable and it is an out-of-the-box usage of AI with surveillance. The solution has provided 97 per cent accuracy. IP, vandal-proof cameras with verifocal lense for central management, camera protection and close coverage were used.

The face recognition algorithms were developed by Ameya InfraTech. It also provides APIs to connect the data for their salary calculations. It used Edge devices with GPU for thin file transfer between branches to head office. Thus, Ameya InfraTech made IT simplified to the customer.



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