Ensonic Computech connected districts with remote districts and village schools


The education sector is among the key focus areas of the government’s Digital India initiative. This is being reflected in the various strides towards making education available for all, with the use of new-age technologies. Under the project Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for the Pakur District Collectorate, Ensonic Computech connected districts with remote districts and village schools; and facilitated teachers to conduct classes through online teaching platform. For this Ensonic Computech did installation of hardware and software at all schools and connected them through cloud for teaching. The objective of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is to make education available for all, with best of teachers, through virtual reality.

Ensonic Computech developed one console centre in district office, wherein teachers can teach and their lectures can be broadcasted to 59 government schools across Pakur District.

One of the biggest challenges faced by government schools is the lack of skilled teachers and subject specialists. To resolve this, Ensonic Computech adopted a hub-and-spoke model. If a skilled teacher is in a remote village, he can conduct sessions and others can join through the live streaming. With this project, the government bandwidth is judiciously used; the project is a win-win for school, teachers ,vendors and the government.

The biggest obstacle in deployment of the project was the mindset of people, preventing them to adopt new teaching methods such as interactive boards, recording and broadcasting, etc. However, after one pilot with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Ensonic is now confident to take this project to all districts. Post-deployment, the biggest beneficiaries would be the children who can now get exposure to skilled teachers. Second set of beneficiaries would be the teachers who can get recognition in more than one school. Besides, government objectives are also fulfilled.

The solution used in this project include, Ekin, which is Ensonic’s brand. Developed in India, Ekin is registred and trademarked with Ensonic’s own IP. Under this, the company specialises in solutions which are related to digital, smart and virtual classrooms. Keeping in mind the vision of current India and being a startup, Ensonic would like to reach to all villages with its hardware and software solutions for digital classrooms.

There are two-fold benefits of this project – financial and philanthropic. The financial benefit has been approximately 25 per cent in savings. This is considered a first-of-its-kind virtual classroom project in India, wherein education reaches your doorstep.



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