How Velocis systems is making enterprises GST compliant

Mohd Shadab, Head – Sales (Cloud), Velocis

The compelling reason for Delhi based Velocis Systems to start designing the digital framework for the businesses when the GST regime came into being, which demanded every business to file their return on every 10th and 24th of a month.

Since the time Velocis has been appointed as GSTN accredited GST (Goods and Services Tax) Suvidha Providers (GSP) and application service providers (ASP), it has created Go4GST Filing Services Platform for taxpayers including data processing requirements, invoice generation, invoice uploading, return filing, accounts maintenance, consultancy, etc on GSTN Portal.

The GST business of Velocis acts as an integration network between the taxpayers and the GST Network. Enabling and empowering the two different sets of interactions, one between the App user and the GSP and the second between the GSP and the GSTN System. The cloud-based application is currently used at 60 customers and has processed close to 10 million GST invoices in last three months.

Taxpayers can interface with GSTN System via Go4GST product and services provided by way of applications interface and GSTN Connect. The “Go4GST Filing Services Platform” will be securely connected with the GSTN system through an MPLS connect and all the APIs of GSTN extended to the ASPs and enterprises for them to interact with GSTN and perform the task as required/mandated for being GST compliant.

Talking about the solution, Mohd Shadab, Head – Sales (Cloud), Velocis informs, “The scope of work required us to help GO4GST with One Time deployment of proposed infrastructure for both environments and continue supporting with service desk and support and maintenance post the deployment. Meanwhile, we had to ensure the agility and availability of the application when the workload was high on the filing dates. Since it was a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based application which means multiple customers were going to use it, each will be filing their returns on a timely basis. Hence, the infrastructure had to be capable enough of handling that much amount of load. It had to be highly available and scalable enough in the sense that if anyone of cloud component gets down then another machine with same configuration and data should be available to accept the load demand. Apart from cost, the mandate requirement for this infrastructure was that all the infra component should be placed in India only.”

As a partner, the role was to help GO4GST’s customers file GST with ease without any glitches, while safeguarding their personal and business details by architecting a robust, highly available, auto scalable, secure and cost-effective cloud solution to host their GO4GST’s ASP application. Being a Microsoft partner, it developed the application on Microsoft Azure native services like Application Gateway, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Web Application Scale Set (VMSS) to run application seamlessly at code and functionality level and meet customer demands.


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