HTP Global Technologies creates MPLS cloud and connects 3,000 courts in India


eCourts is one of the pet projects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to digitise the Indian judiciary system. It was necessary to create an MPLS cloud and connect all the 3,000 courts in India, spanning more than 27 states and almost every district of India for seamless data exchange. This project was awarded by the Department of Justice to BSNL, who in turn wanted to appoint a managed network service partner to provide last-mile connectivity and manage the link for five years. HTP Global Technologies was awarded this project and has, as on date, installed and commissioned more than 2800 links on fibre and RF media.

The solution required creation of an MPLS network to connect all courts on a private cloud. BSNL provided the fibre at each of the court premises. HTP Global Technologies supplied and installed CP equipment – routers and media converters – and then made the link up, running on the fibre provided by BSNL. In locations where fibre laying was not feasible, HTP installed RF kits for wireless communication between the court premises and BSNL tower.

The project required that the links should be constantly and proactively monitored and in case of link going down, necessary action be taken, including co-ordination with BSNL and on-site deployment of engineer to restore the link. Therefore, HTP used technology to provide these services. HTP established an NOC in its office premise and installed an NMS software, by which each and every link is polled every 30 seconds to check the link’s functionality.

In case, any link goes down, an alert is flashed on the screen and a ticket gets generated automatically and is flashed to the NOC executive to take action. The whole process of monitoring the link, logging a ticket and ticket closure is automated.

Prior to the deployment, each court was working in silo and any communication between courts like service of summons in other states, etc., was done via post. This took months to complete. However, with the implementation of this project, there are two major benefits.

The website is live, on which anybody can know the status of court cases across any court of India in a single window. Additionally, all delivery of summons between the courts of different states can now happen online immediately, resulting in faster disposal of pending cases.

The products used in the project include: Cisco routers, D-link media converters, TP Link/IP Com RF kits. Whereas, all other services are provided in-house by HTP Global Technologies, including installation, commissioning, link monitoring, etc.

This is one of HTP’s single largest projects till date, value at Rs 27 crore. HTP now has the capability to deliver any IT and telecom project in any part of India as this project spans across 27 states and more than 400 districts and has given the ability to provide service in any nook and corner of India.

This project requires service capability to be developed in almost corner of India, right from Leh to Andaman and Nicobar islands and Maharashtra in West to West Bengal in East. HTP has installed routers in 3,000 different courts in almost every district of India. The firm will now be maintaining this infrastructure for the next five years.



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