Icons Infocom undertakes implementation of Dragon Medical Speech Recognition


Icons Infocom undertook the implementation of Dragon Medical Speech Recognition with Philips digital workflow solution for one of the leading hospitals in India. The client faced several challenges and was looking to eliminate them. Some of the major problems included lack of qualified medical stenos, high dependency on stenos even in critical case for report generation and high turnaround time. It is also important to note that, since doctors are not stenos and a lot of time was being wasted in creating reports.

In order to address these problems, Icons Infocom implemented Dragon Medical Practice with customised SpIcons Solution, along Philips Digital workflow solution. With this implementation, instead of doctors typing or dictating reports to stenos, they can directly dictate in Dragon Medical which converts spoken words to text.

Icons Infocom started with a small pilot of 10 users and within a month of implementation, the results were evident. TAT was reduced by half and dependency on stenos was minimised. Dragon, combined with Philips Digital Workflow solution, eased issues not just of doctors and clinicians, but also of RMOs.

Another challenge, prior to the deployment, was of medical typo errors by non medical-stenos. Whereas, post the deployment, since the report are spoken by doctors and transcription happens live, there errors; and if any, they can be instantly corrected.

All overall reports have been now more elaborate as doctors did not have to type. Reports’ TAT was reduced by 1/3rd. For instance, previously one report took 10 minutes to type, correct and approve; now the same is achieved within three minutes. Detailed reporting also means more revenue generation and and precise medical treatment.

The project has further helped the hospital give better and quick treatment on critical cases, resulting in low mortality. There has also been enhanced patient care by empowering the clinicians to give quality care to patients.

The major solutions and products used in this project include: Dragon Medical Practice Edition; SpIcons – Customised Indian Medical Solution; Philips SpeechMike; Philips DMP 6000, Pocket Memo; and Philips Pro-dictate solution.



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