Insight Business Machines designs new IT framework for Tata Memorial Hospital


Tata Memorial Hospital, the leading hospital for treating cancer patients was initiated under PMO’s health care initiatives. Being one of the renowned hospitals catering to over 3000 OPD and over a lakh patients nationally they have customised HMS solution, which is based on AIX platform and tightly integrated with few other platforms like Microsoft and Open source platform with various front-end applications. In order to achieve end objective Insight Business Machines has used technologies and products such as Infra and Networking; Infra Virtualization; External Threat Prevention; Gateway Level Security; and Endpoint Security among others.

Tata Memorial Hospital wanted to rollout identical solution in other branches which was working in the Head Office. So that same users experience can be delivered but existing solution were legacy and few were EoS/EoL. So Insight Business Machines identified the same features without compromising the performance and security aspects.

Application integration was the key challenge. It designed the new IT framework and landscape so that not only old applications could be integrated but also in future applications or infrastructure could be easily integrated without compromising performance and security.
Insight Business Machines designed, supplied and deployed from network path, to centralised IT infrastructure, to security and network availability for 24*7*365.

Its automation has ensured efficiency optimization in terms of reducing the dependency on human resources. Feature like prepaid cards has enabled cashless transactions and hence reduced dependency on human resources. This has also benefitted patients in terms of quick response and reduced dependencies.

Also, since the complete profile of all the patients was required to be flowing on entire network security and availability of information was also critical, Insight Business Machines deployed security framework which helped the hospital to deliver information securely without impacting its performance.

Insight Business Machines designed the network and IT infrastructure in a distributed manner with its managed services for NOC and SOC as services which helped the customer to achieve more than 45 per cent of operational efficiency from IT perspective without impacting the SLA.

Also, with Insight Business Machines’ ISMAC and TCT framework, they have designed a distributed two-tier IT landscape. Since it was a distributed architecture, the customer had the choice of starting with a low CAPEX.

Insight Business Machines is committed to its goals. Right from assessment and design, to deployment and management as well as delivering ‘On Demand’ services for clients as well as customers, the company undertakes all types of turnkey projects.

The company’s highly skilled domain specialists work together with the company’s team, walking with them as they get acclimatised to new environments and explore unique possibilities to achieve their business goals. Their 24×7 service and nationwide nexus ensures that we are available to our clients anytime, anywhere.


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