Percept Solutions deploys IoT sensors to predict downtime for critical machines


Percept Solutions has been offering smart factory solutions and operational consulting to some of the largest global manufacturing companies. It has helped more than 150 clients throughout 30 different countries. This Mumbai based specialised in IoT company has helped its client organisations in meeting their strategic and business objectives in a short period of time.

In a recent project, the partner deployed IoT based sensors to help predict downtime for critical machines in the manufacturing setup for its customer, among many locations throughout their plant on motors gearboxs, compressors and pumps. One of the locations, the solution was deployed on the cooling tower fan motor, in a speciality chemicals plant, as it is critical to the operations of the plant. The solution not only saved lives but also reduced major downtime and huge monitory loss by alerting its customers at 4 am that the motor foundation had got loose and could have led to a major incident in a highly hazardous environment. The pro-active approach made the client maintenance team aware, and could take an immediate action of a planned downtime to fix the foundation problems.

These are one of a kind sensors developed in India, which monitor machines for their stress parameters such as vibrations, temperature, and sound, builds a trend analysis on the edge, also it converts vibrations into frequency to know the band it falls in and highlights the data in FFT- Fast Fourier Transform, which can also help predict what is wrong with the machine such as misalignment, unbalance, bearing friction, etc. It collects data, passes it through the patented vibrations analysis system, shows it online on a cloud-hosted platform, and alerts if it finds something unusual in the machines via SMS and email. So they can take immediate action.

The typical challenge in most manufacturing setups are, knowing where and when to look if failure is probable, and 70 per cent of the failures can be avoided, however, this requires a high level of skill, experience, understanding, and persistence to be able to do that. While most sensors are offline, and dependant on human skills and discipline, this solution uses multiple sensors for vibration on trial axel, temperature and sound to gather the data it communicates on WiFi and uploads on a cloud setup. Also, the user can access the data at any time with historical view on dashboard from his laptop or mobile phone.

The solution helped its customers to do away from manual monitoring to all times live and monitoring the conditions of these critical machines for any abnormal behaviour, the client monitors the health of its critical machines from one dashboard. Also the solution can immediately alert the respective stakeholders before any major change takes place in the machines.

The success of this project is purely dedicated to the highly professional team of Percept Solutions. The time frame in which the project is completed is itself one of the achievements of this project. The entire process, from delivery, set up, to final handover, took only two days, as more time was spent in planning each step and visualising the value creation for the client, well in advance. There was no loss of work hours for the company to implement this project successfully.



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