Priyam Infosystems develops Smart Dynamic Integration Solution


As growing businesses required more automation and connected environment within the business processes and various business scenarios, it requires seamless and up-to-the-minute business information across the organisation between different systems, departments, locations, and third-party software. To address all these typical business scenarios, Priyam Infosystems’ solution which is smartly designed to help businesses to automate and run their complex business processes like accounting, inventory, outstanding tracking, profitability, statuary and Tax liabilities, etc., in a robust and reliable manner.

In a complex business scenario where information and data are not integrated and the data source is not the same in terms of systems as well as users/location, the need was for a unique platform where data and information can be managed in a manner that gives a complete insight to the management. Having unmanaged data from multiple sources can be the biggest obstacle for users and management.

Priyam Infosystems as a trusted business solutions consultant developed Smart Dynamic Integration Solution to address mainly the most fast-growing industries in the present time – e-commerce and automobile dealerships and end to end integration with third party solutions to Tally. The e-commerce industry today is growing at a rapid pace in India but at the same time it is the most unorganised sector in terms of accounting and other day to day challenges like- payment tracking, return management, expenses tracking, commission and claim settlement, etc. Priyam Infosystems’ solution provides end-to-end integration from various e-commerce portal to Tally ERP software to manage and run e-commerce business at a most commendable position while addressing all these challenges.

When it comes to the Automobile dealerships, they are bound to use ERP/DMS software of principle companies in order to manage the sales, purchase, services, warranty and spares parts, etc., for principal company and vendors. Additionally, they need to record and maintain duplicate entries in Tally to manage inventory, financial accounting, and statuary, etc. Smart Dynamic Integration Solution reduces hassles involved in manual and duplicate data entry from DMS/ERP to Tally application.

After GST implementation, typically business structures have changed significantly. As Priyam Infosystems focus is to help SME businesses in automation, its solution offerings is designed to automate and integrate a system to implement a simplified and sophisticated architecture for accounting, inventory and statutory. The company’s solution helps e-commerce sellers and automobile dealers to integrate any third-party software like web portals, e-commerce seller portals, API integration, etc. Priyam Infosystems has developed a robust and a complete dynamic software that built on a unique Tally technology that comes with simple and user friendly interface with dynamic approach that gives freedom to modify and create source data as they required from third-party software, while maintaining all principles of accounting domain from entry-level to report creation and final accounts with statutory and tax liabilities.



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