Progression Infonet provides one-stop-solution to garmet company for all IT needs


One of India’s prominent manufacturers and suppliers of innerwear, garments and other apparels for the complete family asked Progression Infonet for Managed Private Hosting for SAP S/4 HANA. The client has a vision to produce worldclass intimate apparels and to comprehend and deliver the requirements of the domestic markets meeting the global standards. With more than 25 years in the industry, the client saw the value in rewarding the consumers with satisfaction and customisation obtained out of R&D and quality for each product they deliver.

They were evaluating quite a few cloud service providers for SAP S/4 HANA hosting, and their main criteria was water tight architecture and enhanced data security. They wanted a partner who could truly be a one-stop-solution for all their IT needs when it came to SAP HANA hosting, management and administration so that they could focus on their core strength without having to worry about optimisation or management of the application or maintaining dedicated set of resources.

The team at Progression Infonet, since its inception in 1995, has been adhering to a single motto, to deliver service which is best suited for the clients. It understands the emerging technologies and its deep expertise ensures that it enable the clients to move from operational IT to strategic IT. In the ongoing wave of digital transformation, the company has empowered its client to migrate from CAPEX model to OPEX model through its Managed Private Cloud Hosting, which in addition to significantly reducing expenditure gives them the feasibility to scale their business at free will.

At Progression Infonet, their strength is the deep expertise, skills and eye for details when it comes to Managed SAP HANA Hosting, and the client thus benefits easy access to the support team including the top management. Also, exclusive dedicated setup means their hosted application will be available for timely audits in addition to fast performance upgrades without any noisy neighbour issues. Their SAP application is hosted in Progression Infonet’s state-of-the-art Tier 3+ compliant data centre in Gurgaon, along with complete transparency backed by availability of round the clock remote infrastructure monitoring and management.

Now with Progression Infonet’s solutions the client does not have to invest in infrastructure, IT team, tackle unexpected downtime and prepare for unpredictable upgrades, since the post-deployment scenario comes with just a seamless subscription based model where Progression Cloud takes care of everything and helps the client accelerate their business.

Thus with Progression Infonet, now the client’s IT operations are always up and running. Also the client can now move from operational IT to strategic IT, and thus focus on core business and expansion without stressing on the function-ability of the ERP. Also with Optimized Hosting Solution, the custom setup has been provisioned taking into the account all the factors including usage, hardware requirement, cloud storage, backup, etc. An organisation can focus more on enhancing value if technology comes to aid. A seamless IT operation is the common need of every organisation. Progression Infonet delivers exactly what an organisation looks for.


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