UPL achieves bolstered mobility and security powered by Microsoft Azure

Devendra Taneja_PC Solutions

Collaboration has undergone an enterprise makeover in recent years. Growing organizations and multi-national enterprises need solutions that allow their employees to work while on the move. The freedom of choice to select their own devices results in increased flexibility, increasing employee productivity and loyalty.

UPL (formerly known as United Phosphorous Limited) – the largest producer in India of crop protection products including fumigants and fungicides, is a global conglomerate with presence across 124 countries. Constantly deriving innovations in crop protection products, UPL envisions bolstering agricultural viability across the world. The company is largest producer in India and has launched numerous new products to complement the market needs. In just last two years, UPL launched 55 products and filed 388 patents, reinforced its position as an industry leader.

A huge workforce of over 6000 with 60 percent of it being mobile workforce and numerous acquisitions by UPL led to an impending need of a collaborative and productivity improvising solution that can also deliver for mobile workforce.

In this need of hour, UPL entrusted PC Solutions with the responsibility of enabling a secure collaborative workplace.

We took the challenge head on to modernize a traditional IT infrastructure into a future-ready workplace. We implemented Microsoft EM&S UPL, a Microsoft Azure based solution that provided mobility and security. Post the roll out, UPL has seen more than 95 percent employees being enrolled to EM&S to use the self-service password reset, which has led to considerable reduction in helpdesk related calls which is a definitive growth in productivity and same is expanded exponentially since the use of this service directly impacts the productivity of employees,” says Devendra Taneja, Director, PC Solutions.

Apart from this, Intune which is used by more than 60 percent of employees is playing a major role to help UPL to create a work from anywhere any device environment without worrying about the security and data breach.

Great support is needed to make long term relationships. PC Solutions creates a streamlines memorable Customer experience by their services,” adds Rajesh Panchal, Head of IT Infrastructure, UPL.

The rise of challenge

The UPL’s growth journey has been supported well by its wide-spread workforce across the globe and accelerated by the multiple acquisitions made by the company. But, then came a time, when it became crucial to not only maintain an easily accessible collaborative platform, but also manage the Data and implement Security into the process.

For an unceasingly growing and expanding organization like UPL, it had become more than difficult to manage its team and maintain a common ground for the working approach. The business needed a single solution to cater to its mobility and security requirements.

Enterprise mobility and security solution

PC Solutions led the IT team of UPL in this transformation process and introduced them to the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, along with the Microsoft account team. Therein, the UPL team realized the great value of solution’s cloud-based services, Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium for identity management, Intune for mobile device and application management, and Azure Rights Management for information protection and ATA for Active Directory Advance Threat Analysis.

The Microsoft EM&S UPL integrated by PC Solutions had two complexities – firstly, the rollout of solution to end users which are spread across 125 countries in different time zones and language, and secondly, the adoptability of the solution. PC Solutions walked an extra mile and implemented multiple approaches to tackle a variety of scenarios and needs while implementing a truly secure Enterprise Mobility solution for UPL.

The solution has contributed largely on empowering the Electronic Reputation of the organization since the suite has help UPL to mitigate the problems associated with data exchange outside available in traditional close-knit environment. Besides, the other excellent business transformations marked by Microsoft EM&S UPL comprise:

  • Teams across the globe can work in collaboration without being disconnected since now teams can follow anywhere any device philosophy.
  • Teams can share and access project, R&D, sales related sensitive data without security and data loss concerns on the go across globe leading to faster response and execution time.
  • The productivity of the team has increased since there has been more than 60 percent use in EM&S usage across globe.
  • It has enabled efficient & flawless management of the organization.
  • The security of the business data is enhanced amazingly.
  • It has enabled secure sharing of data across platforms.


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