Partners recognise the value that Western Digital brings along with the product portfolio


In the world of technology, digital transformation continues to affect consumers and businesses, both big and small. Consumers, as well as enterprises, are realising the fact that ‘data is the new oil’ which needs to be stored, processed and analysed for utilisation. Here is how data storage company Western Digital is gearing up its business strategies along with its channel partners.

“In the last few years, companies have been undergoing data-driven digital transformation and leveraging data as a strategic asset. Data needs to be stored at the personal and enterprise level. Channel partners have an untapped potential to cater to these data storage requirements. India’s external storage market that includes external hard drives and SSDs, pen drives and personal cloud storage drives witnessed a growth of 6.0 per cent year-on-year, according to IDC’s latest enterprise storage systems tracker for the fourth quarter of 2019,” informs Jaganathan Chelliah, Director, Marketing, Western Digital India.

Western Digital works to create an environment for data to thrive and continues to make constant efforts for its channel partners to get robust insights into the technologies, product design etc., using an app-based training module for channel partners called TechTalk.

“The organisation is committed to its partners’ growth and success in today’s volatile and dynamic environment. We also use the WhatsApp business platform to engage with channel partners and stay connected. The platform allows us to communicate easily from understanding their queries to resolving them and understanding the market trends observed. Channel partners are encouraged to use the platform and are constantly rewarded via our reward initiatives. While the mindset is what we roll out from our programs is to give the partners an opportunity,” says Chelliah.

Partners recognise the value that Western Digital brings along with the product portfolio. As enterprises are undergoing digital transformation, they are continually looking for enterprise-class storage solutions that are customised for their requirements i.e. storage solutions customised for big data and fast data. Western Digital is well-positioned to help enterprises with their various data storage requirements with a complete portfolio designed for enterprises.

“We continue to help deliver an enhanced level of dependability and durability within a most demanding storage environment. For example- Western Digital offers Ultrastar family of data centre products that use advanced technology to cater the enterprises. Ultrastar HDDs and SSDs are designed for demanding workloads (up to 550TB per year), 10 times the workload rating of desktop drives,” he adds.

“We continue to deliver more value and total cost of ownership at scale to our customers, as we have recently announced 18TB CMR and 20TB SMR HDDs. We are committed to develop and execute across the data technology stack – from NAND components to devices to platforms – to enable enterprise data to unlock even more value. Channel partners are constantly informed about the latest product offerings and trends via WhatsApp and TechTalks platforms,” concludes Chelliah.



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