Alibaba Cloud unveils new products to empower data intelligence for Enterprises and internet companies


Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has launched seven new solutions, and two new features for international markets at the Mobile World Congress. The launches range from serverless computing, data analytics, global networking, high performance storage, and enterprise database. These new services are part of the technology backbone underpinning Alibaba Group’s various business units including retail, fin-tech, logistics, media and entertainment, and digital branding and marketing. With these new capabilities, global customers can take advantage of the proven, scalable, and secure technologies and accelerate business growth.

“Businesses around the world are increasingly relying on data intelligence to drive innovation, digitalise operations, and delight customers. We work with customers from many industries along this digital transformation journey. We are keen to turn our proven in-house technology into broadly applicable services and pass the benefits on to customers globally so they can quickly build applications on top, such as for 5G, edge computing, and IoT, and shorten the time-to-market,” said Henry Zhang, Senior Staff Product Manager of Alibaba Cloud International.

In addition to new products for data analytics, Alibaba Cloud also introduced a number of infrastructure enhancements to support intelligent businesses at a global scale.

“We believe in a virtuous cycle of building world-class infrastructure, deploying intelligent applications on that architecture, and using real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions. In addition, we offer robust cross-border solutions for enterprises and ecosystem partners who are looking to expand globally and into the rapidly growing Asian markets. These proven and compliant solutions are already used by Alibaba Group and we hope our customers can leverage our expertise to create more differentiated value for their end-customers,” said Yeming Wang, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud EMEA.


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