Cloud Telephony service provider Knowlarity Communications to cross Rs 100 crore revenue in domestic market


Cloud-based telephony services provider Knowlarity Communications expects to cross the Rs 100 crore annual revenue mark in the domestic market by the end of this financial year. Knowlarity, Asia’s largest cloud telephony company, has been growing at a robust annual rate of 50 per cent.

For Knowlarity Communications, the factors that are helping in reaching the Rs 100 crore revenue mark are the company’s automated and personalised offerings, customised solutions for enterprises and integration with all major CRMs.

Knowlarity also has a first-mover advantage in the industry which helped it acquire clients from different industries. The company’s services ensure smooth connectivity to every major telecom vendor. Currently, Knowlarity is developing innovative solutions like distributed workflow management and number-masking services for the Indian market.

Knowlarity Communications CEO, Yatish Mehrota, said, “We are proud to announce that we are one of the few Indian SaaS companies who will cross 100 crores revenue catering to the domestic market. With more and more Indian companies investing in SaaS and cloud telephony solutions, Knowlarity emerges as a leading service provider in the industry with its customized offerings across sectors. We continue to strengthen our product and solution portfolio in the area of Customer Interaction Management on Voice and SMS.”

One of the major challenges faced by the company is the low awareness of cloud telephony. Even in the current technology-driven age, people lack knowledge about the huge potential of cloud-based solutions. There is a lack of knowledge about how businesses can leverage this technology to grow their operations. Several sectors are still working along conventional lines and are unwilling to switch to cloud telephony and instead invest in on-premise solutions.

Knowlarity helps large enterprises to manage their business communication through its customised solutions approach. It has adopted a vertical solutions approach rather than a product-centric approach. The company is growing more focused on AI-powered solutions (Data Insights, Speech Recognitions), Contact Centers and integrations. It also expects to add enhanced features to its existing products and platforms.



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