EmpMonitor launches cloud-based employee monitoring software


The one-of-its-kind SaaS product will help both MSMEs and large-scale enterprises in regularizing and streamlining the activities of their employees

EmpMonitor, a Bengaluru-based firm that offers business solutions, has launched a powerful cloud-based employee monitoring software to track their activities and performance while increasing their productivity and maintaining a safe and more productive work environment.

The one-of-its-kind SaaS (software-as-a-solution) product will help both MSMEs and large-scale enterprises in regularizing and streamlining the activities of their employees. Besides providing an ideal platform for department level management, the software also helps in managing attendance and provides flexible user based settings.

Sumit Gosh, Founder, EmpMonitor, says, “As the outbreak of novel Coronavirus forced companies across all sectors to switch to digital mode and has made physical interaction among employees almost impossible, many businesses are complaining of teething issues. The lack of coordination and inability to monitor employee activity is further hitting businesses which are already undergoing a downtime due to the pandemic. In such times, EmpMonitor business solutions help enterprises to navigate through this uncertainty by providing them with accurate graphs on employee activity, productivity measurement, chat support, detailed reports, cloud storage, and others.”

He further said, “Finance Minister’s announcement about offering support MSME’s is very welcoming. We believe that the 6 MSME reforms will enable a lot of productivity back to normalcy. Infact the reliefs offered to the sector will also help employee management smoothly as per the suggested norms and add for better human resource management- digitally too.”

The platform also boasts of several other smart features to ease employee management for companies like providing graphics which give a 360 degree monitoring of a company’s productive workflows. The software plays a pivotal role in optimizing the company’s man-power and in saving crucial time by providing enterprises with the facility to manage all the computers of an organization remotely from a centralized location. The software provides real-time updates and can be accessed through any internet-enabled device at any time.

EmpMonitor is not just convenient but also safe to use as data security is one of the strongest features of the software. EmpMonitor controls all unnecessary works and usage of the Internet and computers. It also takes screenshots of the employee’s monitor and collects all the records so that HR heads (or team leaders) can gauge their performance. Also, for any query, EmpMonitor tech support team remains available 24X7 for businesses.



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