Enterprises prefer ‘pay-as-you-go’ model: Jiten Mehta, Director, Magnamious Systems

Jiten Mehta, Director, Magnamious Systems

With organisations going on the SaaS and hybrid IT path, system integrators are tapping these opportunities to offer a value added offering to customers

Virtually every organisation, regardless of its size and industry vertical, is using cloud in some way. Even those organisations which have been largely dependent on on-premise data centres, are moving some workloads on cloud. Mumbai-based system integrator Magnamious Systems, which specialises in the IT infrastructure domain, has been levarging these trends for business growth.

The focus for Magnamious Systems is infrastructure management, which includes cloud, co-location services and disaster recovery. The company has partnerships with Azure and AWS, and manages both cloud and on-premise data centres.

Speaking to CRN India, Jiten Mehta, Director, Magnamious Systems, says, “The demand for data centres is high from both, private and government organisations, and the next big demand is cloud, because, following the lockdown, organisations have realised the importance of business continuity planning. I am not sure whether data centre demand will increase in terms co-location. However, on a VM, the demand will definitely increase along with the public cloud, provided they match the public cloud prices.”

Alongside hybrid data infrastructure, organisations are also exploring – while many have already embraced – software defined data centres (SDDC) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Mehta elaborates, “Before lockdown, there was a huge response for hybrid IT. However, I’m unsure what will be the trends for hybrid IT post lockdown. Large enterprises are the largest consumers of software defined data centres. Today, enterprises don’t want to invest, they prefer the pay-as-you-go model. This trend has given boost to the SDDC business. In the next two to three years, most organisations would adopt software defined technologies.”

He further informs that Magnamious Systems has possesses all the capabilities on HCI for the SDDC. The company can provided an end-to-end service to customers – design infrastructure, implement it, operate it and transfer it to customers, or continue to operate it for them. Adding on the strategies  that the company follows while interacting with enterprises, Mehta says, “We talk on power, real estate administration and cooling requirement along with the availability and the high standards of data centres.”

Magnamious Systems works with various vendors and OEMs for different requirements. Mehta says, “Some times we work with with Schneider Electric and Vertiv for on premise data centres or Net Magic and Web Works. OEMs are keen on selling their niche products where margins are high. Partners need to understand the OEM’s need; the OEMs will always provide support and provide enablement to them. We are actively involved in all the Microsoft and Citrix products, alongside Sophos, Nutanix, Dell, Cisco and Aruba, among others.”

In terms of the best practices for securing the cloud-based applications of customers and protecting the data centre from ransomware and DDoS attacks, the company ensures that all the security measures are taken along with a good firewall policy. However, Mehta feels that his team doesn’t need to convince customers on the security front, as customers are highly aware about cloud and associated technologies.


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