Ozonetel launches CloudAgent mobile app for call center agents


Companies can now set up call centers with CloudAgent mobile app

Ozonetel, India’s leading provider of on-demand cloud communication/telephony solutions today announced the launch of all-new CloudAgent Mobile Application. With the launch of this virtual Work-From-Home mobile solution, call center agents can now work remotely on their mobile phones. Agents can download the application on any smart phone from and start working.

The Application aims to make it easier for work from home agents to continue business-as-usual from their mobile phones. The all in one application will allow agents to receive, dial calls and add supervisors into calls if necessary. It has advanced call control features such as mute, transfer and conference. Agents can enter breaks and save call dispositions as usual. Agents can also access all customer related information on their screen and schedule outbound calls via dialers. The application can be used across verticals with field agents. This will especially be beneficial in fields where call recordings are essential for conflict resolution or compliance purposes. e.g Pharma, BFSI, Real Estate.

Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel, said, “COVID- 19 has triggered the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. Employers are going to use this option for the long run to stave off a crisis while keeping employees safe. However, for many job roles, shifting to work from home is easier said than done. The infrastructure needed to move a call center to a remote working condition is complex. With Ozonetel’s CloudAgent Mobile Application, agents can now continue with business as usual within the app.”

“We believe in ensuring the safety of all our stakeholders, while keeping businesses functional. We are certain this new platform will make headways for remote working during the lock down and in the future as we begin to define a new normal for businesses,” he added.


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