Trend Micro collaborates with Docomo to launch security for IoT devices


Trend Micro Incorporated and announced NTT Docomo will launch a solution to protect IoT devices running on Docomo’s mobile network, utilising Trend Micro’s security solution. Enabling this protection is the new Docomo Cloud Platform Network Security Service, a solution that layers in security solutions from Trend Micro.

Until now, deploying a security solution on the Docomo Cloud Platform required customers to set up third-party products manually. Under the technical covers of this solution is Trend Micro’s Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS), tested rigorously last year in the Docomo 5G Open Cloud.

In addition to verification in the 5G environment, verification has also been promoted in the 4G environment currently used by many customers. As a result of verification, Docomo concluded that this solution is effective in the environments with increased opportunity for IoT security threats. Therefore, they decided to provide this solution for 4G environments as part of Docomo Cloud Platform.

“The promise and potential of 5G has the world waiting but let me issue a warning for the need for extra protection. Smarter endpoints mean a greater cyber risk to manage. We’re delighted and proud that our technology meets the needs of this global mobile phone leader. Together our joint solution delivers cloud infrastructure capabilities integrated with IoT-ready security customised for modern data centers,” said Akihiko Omikawa, Executive Vice President, Trend Micro.

Trend Micro’s telecom solution, VNFS, offers service providers a range of security functionality including intrusion prevention, URL filtering and application control to mitigate threats across their networks without impacting performance. As a software-based solution, this security service can be deployed in minutes versus the days required with on-site hardware, and is dynamically allocated, configured and scaled according to customer requirements.


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