Cloud Watching – Cloud Trends in 2022

Cloud Computing

By  Narsimha Rao Mannepalli, Executive Vice President, Head – Cloud Infrastructure and Security Solutions, Infosys

Covid-19 propelled enterprises to the cloud, and this trend will continue in 2022. Gartner predicts end-user spending on public cloud services to reach US$ 482 billion in 2022. Public cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending by 2026, up from less than 17% in 2021.

Infosys foresees four broad trends in 2022:

Hybrid Multi-cloud

With cloud becoming key driver of business growth rather than just an enabler for cost saving, enterprises will adopt more than one cloud to leverage their unique capabilities, address compliance needs and manage cost. It is essential that enterprises invest in the right way to manage multi-cloud environments.

Cloud-native goes beyond technology into culture and operating models. Enterprises will realign organizational structures to deliver cloud enabled transformation and attract right talent. Adopting continuous learning, iterating, and improvising will help maximize value from technology.

Industry clouds and regional clouds
Rapid evolution in business processes aided by technology will see industry segment leaders and cloud service providers collaborate more in creating domain specific cloud services with industry standard data model and APIs to build faster while addressing compliance needs.

Synergies with operational technologies

Cloud will be actively adopted in both production and operations along with 5G/ Wifi6 and other technologies to improve safety, operational efficiency while reducing risks and cost.


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