Connectivity is Empowerment: Where are IT Leaders headed in 2022 and beyond? 

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman, CtrlS & Cloud4C

Authored by Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman, CtrlS & Cloud4C

12 billion connected devices. Over 8000 LEO satellites. 6 billion internet users. 65% digitization of Global GDP. Over $6 trillion investments – Can we truly comprehend where the digital age is headed?

If 2021 heralded the digital resilience age post the largest catastrophe in recent history, 2022 would be marked for revivalism and action. Billions of consumers across the world have grown habituated to the online lifestyle and enterprises across verticals have well responded to the e-fire; imbibing digital-first business strategies. But the larger question remains: Do organizations perceive tech as evolution enablement for global servicing or the key chauffeur to their visions of tomorrow? The above statistical reflection would answer the conundrum crystal clear.

Digital Twin for Everything: The Inevitable Evolution 

Let’s face it. Humanity is galloping towards an unfathomable transformation: a digitally connected, holistic, and intelligent planet. While that might read like a leaf straight out of a science fiction book, reality speaks otherwise.  Silicon Valley and its contemporaries are already betting hundreds of billions of dollars on the next generation of the internet (Web 3.0, Internet of Everything) and that certainly won’t be limited to the fancy devices on your palms or desktops. The internet would graduate out of 2D boxes to assume a more immersive, 3-D avatar where our lives are embedded, connected within immersive experiences. Embedded learning, Mixed Reality, Telehealth, decentralized services, satellite-powered digital services, Smart Living via Automation and AI, connected smart devices; the list is a never-ending one. As much as that sounds fascinating, there’s a massive IT drill brewing indoors; fundamental essentiality to conform to the above neo-digital era.

Does your IT landscape have what it takes?

Hardware manufacturers, digital infra giants, solution providers, application builders are relying on revolutionary technologies powered by agile cloud platforms to design, build, deliver, and manage cutting-edge digital innovations across the globe without a hitch. Behind those uninterrupted data streams, zero delay order fulfillments, undisrupted online communications, super-fast product launches, and peaceful remote workflows lie the magic of cloud and the perseverance of millions of ingenious developers across boundaries and cultures.

Resilience and Revolutions: Designed and Delivered through Hybrid and Multi-cloud at Edge  

In essence, the global digital connectivity age would be bred, innovated, and disbursed via cloud storage, networking, compute, and software ecosystems running not only in gargantuan centralized datacenters but increasingly towards the edge. Termed as the Business Everywhere Hybrid cloud revolution, 2022 would witness an enhanced inclination to the much-awaited paradigm shift: distributed cloud computing. Simply put, the explosive influx of high-fidelity dataflows paired with exponentially enhanced computing needs right down to the Tier-3 and 4 regions would necessitate a new mandate of delivering cloud IT platforms right at the source of traffic for maximum availability, high-speed experiences. Enterprises offering digital services to firms or consumers alike would deploy hybrid cloud architectures packaged in specialized solutions right at those edge hotspots, seamlessly connected to the central whole. Your new cloud could be in community centers, local hubs, smart city complexes, or even within the EV you might be driving today!

Being the world’s leading application-focused Cloud MSP, we have partnered with Hyperscalers, Datacenter Providers, Hardware Infra Architects, and ISVs across the globe to accelerate the Edge-driven Hybrid and Multi-cloud revolution. Under a single SLA, we promise enterprises end-to-end migration, modernization, and management paired with 4-way Disaster Recovery, Intelligent Security, and Hyperautomation solutions. Our award-winning, proprietary Self-Healing Operations Platform sets the bar even higher, integrating all IT and CloudOps platforms across global locations or edge environments into a universal pane of glass paired with Intelligent Threat Prediction and Auto-remediation. Filtering the jargon, an enterprise basically can architect, operate, and manage its entire IT stack anywhere and everywhere from a single pane of glass at utmost security. Heading into 2022, we are fully committed to empowering millions of enterprises and their billions of consumers across the globe with the true realization of a fully connected, intelligent digital era.

Sustainable Transformation: A Need for Humanity and the Planet  

However, every evolution has its own expenses and that’s where lurks the most significant IT trend of 2022 and beyond; Sustainable Computing. Faster data speeds, agile delivery, 24/7 uninterrupted experiences deserve colossal amounts of computing prowess and hence electricity, severely impacting energy and water reserves. Last year, 62% of global energy demands were met through fossil fuels, renewables accounting for only 20%. That’s an unfortunate lot of carbon footprint spilling extra horrors when considered the Connected Everywhere dream, hence red-flagging the need to mass-adopt green IT measures right from the root infra till the frontend application layer.

Datacenters need to increasingly operate on renewable energies, run power-efficient servers and cores, inspire lesser water wastage for coolant systems, and prevent usage overloads. Platform and software solutions must be optimized for maximum power efficiency while running just as they are architected for scalability, agility, and performance. Recycling measures for hardware infra materials should be encouraged with additional time, resources, and finances. Client enterprises, regardless of industry vertical, should opt for green IT vendors even if that necessitates slightly higher budget allocations. End consumers should be aware of their own digital carbon footprints and equally vocalize for sustainable services.  CtrlS’ progressive vision and aggressive steps towards 100% renewal energy-powered data centers by 2025, and zero carbon footprint by 2030 has won many accolades worldwide.

Only when all factions effectively collaborate, can we realize the everywhere connected, intelligent age in full harmony with natural existence. That’s the vision we at Cloud4C truly dream to empower.


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