FAIITA’s E-Store platform is capable of connecting IT channel globally


By Devesh Rastogi, Sr.VP, FAIITA

Devesh Rastogi, Sr.VP, FAIITA

FAIITA is representing all states of the country as a federal body and through its member associations represent about 50,000 brick and mortar dealers across the country. FAIITA had the vision to provide a platform to the entire community where they can connect with their customers in a more effective manner and can coupe up with the challenges faced by them from various e-commerce platforms.

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FAIITA is enabling two platforms in different phases and both the phases shall be completed in three month’s time. In the first phase, FAIITA has enabled E-shop platform which is primarily enablement of each store into a digital platform through the central vendor-approved catalog from where every store can choose and pick his choice of products and provide inventory and prices on his own end.

For setting up the e-shop platform a proper catalog, equipped with proper graphics, specifications, and details are the most important and a tedious process. It is also very important that the content of the catalog is approved by the brand holder to avoid any legal complications.

Every E-store in the FAIITA platform has access to unlimited data to keep unlimited products in the E-shop and apart of selecting the products available on the catalog, members can add various services and products of his choice in his store. The platform also enables each store to have its own theme,  banners to present his store as per his choice,

To accomplish the task of this unique catalog, FAIITA has opened a full-fledged office that is aligned with more than 250 brands for different IT, Office Automation, IOT, Security&  software vendors, and is continuously in the process of increasing the list of vendors engaging with more vendors.

Another essential task is to create an environment for support a hassle-free onboarding process as for most IT dealers it is a new concept. FAIITA has created a back office setup for handholding through a toll-free number for the entire community which will do hand-holding to complete the process and to guide members in case of any difficulty.

Another very important aspect of any e-commerce platform is data security. Any E-shop platform has multiple tiers of data i.e Data of dealers themselves, Data of Customer belonging to every shop, Data pertaining to the product line, etc.  FAIITA through a proper legal and procedural framework has ensured the safety of this data in a manner that even the Office Bearers of FAIITA will also not be able to access the same.

Apart from the above structural process, FAIITA has made provisions for enablement of different transactional features like logistics, payment gateway, customer finance options, cashback solutions on credit cards, HRMS, Inventory management etc for the benefit of dealers and to make them competitive from E-Commerce platforms.

On the technical part, FAIITA is enabling its members through various knowledge platforms such as training, guidance on new technologies, effective communication tool within the community as well as with customers. Members will also have opportunities to access various other features for better management practices which will help to increase the profitability of a member’s business.

All the above support system and the platform are available at one time onboarding fee of Rs 1000/- for 5000 early birds and Rs 2000/- for rest and an annual fee of Rs1000/- which is less than Rs 100/- per month.

FAIITA being a non-profit the organization shall spend this money on maintenance of support systems and if any amount is saved from the same FAIITA has various plans depending upon the amount available for the betterment of the community. FAIITA will share details of such things as and when they happen.

It is worth mentioning that Ravi Shanker Prasad, Union IT Minister was so impressed with the platform that while inaugurating the same he mentioned that FAIITA platform is capable of connecting not only the Indian IT business but also Global and FAIITA has taken this aspiration of minster very seriously and has already started working towards the goal.


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