IT industry: learn about the advantages of using a voice clarity tool


By Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar, President at Aeris Communications.

The hybrid work culture norm has changed the future of office culture. The meeting rooms and in-person meetings have been replaced by the four walls of your home/ café and virtual meetings. Hybrid work brings in the best of both the worlds, employees enjoy more flexibility and autonomy which goes a long way in boosting productivity, enhance employer-employee engagement and stickiness to the company. 2021 study done by Cisco on whether employees and employers are ready for hybrid work, revealed that 61% employees acknowledged improvement in work quality followed by 60% employees experiencing increase in productivity. As for employers, they have constant access to diverse talent pool.

Enterprise collaboration tools such as, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Video Communications, Google Hangouts, Skype and others have become part and parcel of the hybrid and remote work culture. But for any company to set-up and run a successful hybrid workplace, connected technology solutions are a ‘MUST’. Regardless of where employees work, these solutions keep the whole workspace ecosystem connected. Today, the IT industry is using various tools to enhance workforce productivity and concentration of their employees. For audio & voice clarity in online meetings, and substantially reducing background noise from speaker and meeting audience, use of AI-driven noise-cancellation solutions has widely become popular. In addition, more and more companies are now subscribing to project management systems, leveraging team collaboration tools (such as huddle rooms), and syncing work apps across devices by using cloud storage. Technology adoption can result in less data and time loss, as well as a reduction in the unpleasantness of shifting to a new work style after two years.

Use of Voice Clarity Tools Is Critical:

AI-driven noise reduction solutions, such as ClaerityAI, integrate with a variety of platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others. The solution aids users who are plagued by annoying background noise, with the help of cutting-edge AI technology. It can be used in a variety of industries, including the commercial sector, the public sector, IT, education, healthcare, finance, and many more.IT companies use the solution to detect background noise during business and internal team audio or video conferences and remove it for a more professional experience. 

Companies are benefitting from its rich set of features, such as, the noise cancellation from both sides by cancelling out background noise around the speaker, and also background noise coming from other speakers on the conference call.  Some of the key business benefits enjoyed by IT companies include: 

Increased productivity:

Across the globe, an increasing number of IT working professionals are working remotely where they experience a lot of interruptions due to noise from their ambient surroundings. Noise cancellation is part of the essential software to have for remote resources. IT companies can maximize the productivity of their employees as ClaerityAI lets remote employees work with full focus and in their comfort zones. Beauty of ClaerityAI is 95-98% background noise suppression, said CA Himanshu Kumar, Founder of TAX4WEALTH. This software recognises 2000 plus types of distracting sounds and eliminates them in real-time, so that there are no noise related distractions during online meetings conducted by professionals that would otherwise be experienced in these uncontrolled settings. 

Get a better user experience:

The major problem faced during virtual meetings is miscommunication. Customers want to be heard and understood when they approach business for IT solutions. A genuine, human connection that is achieved through clear communication is hence essential for cracking business deals. A survey revealed that 63% of its respondents said that a positive emotional connection with a customer service agent would make them more likely to do business with that company again. CEO of FluxGen Technologies, Ganesh Shankar mentioned that his team enjoys great conversations in business meetings using ClaerityAI. We don’t have to say – ‘can you hear me, ‘can you hear us?’ We start with our business communication immediately. I have also seen that type of noises that used to come in some of the meetings when people are actually in a noisy environment like I have, has completely been reduced. So, this has made our work also very effective and we have been able to enjoy great conversations despite all the noise around.


Pocket friendly Solution for Working Professionals and Enterprises

The ClaerityAI noise cancellation tool is available for both individual working professionals and enterprises. It is quite affordable too – believe it or not, its monthly cost is less than a cup of Starbucks coffee! Mr. Bhoopendra Pandey, COO & Co-founder of Manacle Technologies shared that  he and his team found ClaerityAI very easy to install and quick to use on multiple collaboration platforms. It’s secure and has been able to resolve their problem of background noise during online meetings with clients and partners very effectively. – 

Highest level of Security

Enterprise level security is another area of importance for companies. Mr. Ajay Gupta, Head of Sales at SCS Tech India Ltd mentioned that he was happy to learn that Claerityai is GDPR compliant making all his call data safe. Since the audio data does not leave the local install, companies don’t have to worry about the security and privacy of their business communications conducted online.


In conclusion, 2022 is the year of a hybrid working model. The sooner IT companies and working professionals adapt to the mix of working models that demand creating quieter places while working from anywhere, having a collaborative mindset, and embracing new work culture and enabling tools, the better equipped they will be to stay connected, engaged, and productive. 




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