Powering India’s rural healthcare revolution through digital transformation

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By Sarv Saravanan

Dell believes access to technology isn’t a luxury, but a need to enable innovation and we have always thought of innovation as a driver for human progress. In the same context and aiming at digital transformation of the country’s public health system, Digital Lifecare was seeded in the India COE (Center of Excellence) four years ago to showcase the power of Dell’s technology stack to solve nation-scale problems. Digital Lifecare is enabling Government to digitize health records and bring quality health services to the doorstep of all citizens. This initiative will change the landscape of healthcare services delivery in rural India.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Government of India exchanged MoUs with the Tata Trusts and Dell Technologies, to provide a technology platform to power the nationwide preventive healthcare program. Aimed at improving Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) health screenings for crores of people, this NCD program addresses Hypertension, Diabetes, Oral, Breast and Cervical cancers and covers all men and women over the age of 30. The programme, which is one of the modules in Ayushman Bharat’s Comprehensive Primary Healthcare (CPHC) Initiative, is currently being deployed and actively used in about 15+ states across the country and will be able to track health trends across the country.

A cloud-based mobile, and web solution with analytical capabilities has been developed to digitize health records to aid the population-based screening program. It aims to bring quality health services at doorstep, to improve productivity for health workers and doctors, and to facilitate monitoring of delivery of services by state and district administrators. Digital Lifecare’s technology is based on micro services architecture using the Pivotal Spring framework for ease of development, scalability and manageability.

This program will bring healthcare transformation in Comprehensive Primary Health Care NCD program under Ayushman Bharat. The Government of India is working with Dell as technology partner and the Tata Trusts as implementation partner to execute this program at a larger scale.

There is a greater need for affordable, accessible and inclusive healthcare solutions in every part of the country, especially the remote areas. Programs like these are a true example of technology powering human progress. This technology solution has been developed by Dell through Dell Giving, which will enable standardized continuum of care, solving the ground complexities in rural health services delivery. We are delighted to associate with the Government and partner with Tata Trusts on this game-changing initiative.

(The author is the Sr. VP & GM, India Centers of Excellence, Dell Technologies)

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