‘COVID-19 crisis has taught enterprises to be disaster ready’


Taking cue from the current scenario, Pankaj Jain, CEO, Panzer IT believes that data leak prevention, classification, accessibility, user rights, and centralised management are absolutely necessary for every organisation

Pankaj Jain, CEO, Panzer IT

As a security solution provider, how do you assess the current scenario and the lessons learned? What’s your preparedness to handle such unprecedented situation?
I always tell my clients to be prepared for disasters. Unfortunately, for many of them, ‘security’ is avoidable expense and the last priority. We need to understand that threats are integral part of nature and we must be prepared against sabotage, targeted and non-targeted attacks, and of course, natural disasters.

In the data security domain, apart from endpoint security, backup and accessibility from anywhere is a must. The companies who had their data organised in proper way are not suffering much, whereas organisations having scattered data are finding it tough to manage employees and processes. If this lockdown continues, such companies may go out of business.

How are you safeguarding your customers’ assets / premises in order to ensure continuity of their business operations?
We are mostly seeing the requirement for cloud backup, data leak prevention, and employee monitoring. We are able to cater to all these requirements, while working 24×7 to assist clients. We have robust solutions for data leak prevention, employee monitoring, and user behaviour analysis.

Besides, we are also providing strategic solutions around centralised and cloud backup, cloud-based security, and Secure Remote Access and Control.

With the sudden rise in cyber threats and attacks during this period, how are you ensuring your customers’ data is safe and helping them mitigate risks?
Panzer IT is focused on providing complete IT security to the enterprises. From endpoint security to data leak prevention, our solutions are perfect fit for current scenario too. We offer the following solutions:
· Somansa Data Leak Prevention
· SecureTower Employee Monitoring
· Emsisoft Anti Malware
· Netop Remote Control
· Acronis Automated Data Backup
· F-Secure EDR & EPS
· Assist in cloud computing, data migration, ransomware recovery services

Apart from these, our vendor Emsisoft is providing free decryption services for medical institutes affected by ransomware.

Using these solutions, clients can be assured of their digital assets, wherein they can access data but with proper authentication over secured channel by authorised person from anywhere and anytime. All such activities can be recorded. CXOs can analyse working time, active applications, productivity and much more. Organisations can also control every byte of its data from unauthorised access.

During this time of total lockdown, how are you ensuring 24×7 service and support to your customers?
We are available to all clients and prospects. Apart from demos and trainings, we are also providing free consultancy, services, and utilities to everyone reaching out to us.

Additionally, we are giving maximum discounts on commercial licenses. This ensures clients’ stickiness with us and we can continue the business relationship in future as well. Using tools like Netop Remote Access on secured channel, we are providing full support to the users.

Highlight some of the challenges being faced in providing service or support to the customers during this period?
People across India are very optimistic, which is need of the hour. Still the business owners are sceptical in spending money. They are spending as minimum as possible due to the uncertainties of the prevailing situation. Also, a few of the companies are holding payments, so that they can cover unavoidable expenses during these tough times.

Soon we will witness business models changing, wherein there will be far more remote workers in any organisation. In such scenario, what are the best cyber security practices that your customers adopt? How would you, as a security solution provider, complement in such a scenario?
I am sure the world will change the way it was exploiting nature and resources. For Panzer IT, Work from Anywhere or Work from Home is not new. We had implemented this policy in December 2019, as it saves a lot of travel time and unnecessary expenses. Most importantly, we can now recruit quality people from across the world. Now we have experienced colleagues from different cities or rather different time zones, having best of the knowledge in IT security.

Taking cue from the current scenario, organisations must be disaster ready and data backup is a must. Data leak prevention, classification, accessibility, user rights, and centralised management are necessary for every organisation. After analysing their current processes and resources, we can assist enterprises with these offerings at a minimum one-time and recurring cost.

What’s your message to customers, so that they are assured of full support today and in the days to come?
Panzer IT is committed to provide 24×7 support to both existing clients as well as prospects. We are trying to resolve their queries and fulfill their requirement at the earliest, in the best effective way and at minimum cost. We are even ready to go extra mile to support anyone in these conditions. Besides, clients can reach us any day, any time.

I firmly believe that the great depression of 1929 and many more slowdowns every decade turned out to be economy boosters in long run.


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