‘Dell is committed to helping its customers and partners drive business continuity in this new normal’- Anil Sethi, Dell Technologies, India

Anil Sethi, Vice President & General Manager, Channels, Dell Technologies, India

In an exclusive interaction with CRN India, Anil Sethi , Vice President & General Manager, Channels, Dell Technologies, India shares the implementation of multiple initiatives that Dell has taken across the globe to serve its partners during these critical times

Can you highlight some of the key channel centric initiatives of 2019 and how Dell is helping its partners during this pandemic?

The past year has been great for Dell Technologies, with enormous opportunities, strong momentum and solid partnerships. Our goal was to go broader and deeper in the portfolio and build relationship with the customers, which we have achieved. In the APJ region, the channel business grew faster than the global average. The India region emerged as one of the largest channel regions for Dell Technologies and we have been consistent with our channel strategies, which are very critical for us and our partner’s success.

Partners and customers are our priority and the present situation demands us to be closer to them more than ever before. We are implementing multiple initiatives across the globe to serve them during these critical times. Many of them operate with business critical infrastructure, which enables the operational aspects of our lives and allows authorities to take real-time actions basis an unfolding situation.

In order to help the channel partner community serve their customers better, we recently announced ‘Partner Relief Package’, to provide financial relief. Through this initiative, Dell Technologies has taken actions to provide immediate financial relief to metaled partners, while helping them build capabilities and pipeline for the future. Dell has globally launched the new Payment Flexibility Program (PFP). One of the best in the industry, the program offers more choice and predictability for our customers. The program is built on the strong foundation of DFS and our end-to-end portfolio. Dell has also announced US $9B in financing available this year to cater to their critical technology needs. We are committed to helping our customers and partners drive business continuity in this new normal.

With Covid impacting most of the businesses, what are the top three technologies that partners should be betting on, and why ?

The rapid introduction of new, sophisticated infrastructure and application solutions is upon us as emerging technologies hit their stride. Information technology is becoming more specialised, not standardised, requiring both Partners and OEMs alike to build expertise. While the industry is dealing with unpredictable times, we are staying positive and looking forward to trends and opportunities for the channel industry. Some of the new breakthroughs and technology trends, which will set the tone for what is to come over the next 10 years, basis our recent 2020 technology predictions:

Remote work solutions and cloud solutions: CIOs will make connect workplace and data visibility a top IT imperative

Intelligent devices change the way you work and collaborate: Advancements in AI and machine learning will turn our PCs into even smarter and more collaborative companions

Innovating with integrity, sourcing sustainably: Investments in reuse and recycling for closed-loop innovation will accelerate, hardware will become smaller and more efficient and built with recycled and reclaimed goods, which will minimise e-waste and maximise the already existing materials

With technology becoming a critical piece for most of the companies. The role of partners is going to be more important. Being a technology leader, what are the channel direction set for your partners?

Customers need partners to help them build the foundation, who are technically proficient and who understand their business goals. They are looking for partners who have the expertise in the space and can offer world’s best solutions to deliver results. Dell Technologies understands the requirement and is enabling partners with solutions and skills that will simplify the complex, along with necessary capabilities to encourage innovation.

Our customers need the technology right now and require help to manage cash flow or end-credit risk. The channel partner community at Dell is very creative about our go-to-market strategies and how we work with our customers. The ongoing pandemic is bringing us all closer and making us innovative to keep pushing our business forward.

Dell Technologies is doubling down on helping all channel partners and customers through the coronavirus pandemic. We are providing one-time cash pay-outs for up to 50 per cent of current partner market development funding and free service development training for solutions. In order to ensure business continuity, we have also rolled out unique benefits under our Marketing Development Funds (MDF) program, Working Capital Solutions (WCS) program and Dell Financial Services (DFS) program. The financial relief package, together with free training and certifications, will help our partners improve cash position and build stronger capabilities for the future. Dell Technologies values its partners and is fully committed to supporting the partner community navigate through these unprecedented times.

We are also introducing new team-based pricing options for solutions providers to make all training more affordable for our partners’ teams. We understand many of our partner need help to serve their customer and help their employees navigate through these difficult times, Dell is there to support them along the way.

The pandemic has challenged several large companies’ operations. In such a scenario, what are core focused verticals for Dell Technologies from growth opportunity wise?

The present situation has enabled us to be closer to our customers and partners more than ever before. One of our key focus being digital transformation and given the current scenario we see it as a necessary journey which will enable companies to chart out the best of business continuity plans. Our focus on sectors like healthcare, online collaboration, education, telecommunication and digital cities will be more now than ever. With the digital economy growing exponentially, Dell Technologies will continue to work towards enabling our customers and partners to achieve their goals.

Given the current environmental changes, our customers and partners had to rethink their strategies. They are looking at technologies and the help to manage cash flow or end-credit risk. The channel partner community at Dell is very creative about our go-to-market strategies and how we work with our customers. The ongoing situation is bringing us all closer and making us innovative to keep pushing our business forward.

We see four acceleration points which will present bigger opportunities:

We’ll have a larger remote workforce, expanding talent pools and reducing environmental impact: The remote workforce is here to stay. 451 Research finds approximately 40 per cent of organisations expect expanded work from home policies to remain in place long-term or permanently. Our own pulse survey among customers validates this view, with up to 40 per cent stating they’ll shift to a more robust work-from-home environment. This results in less people traveling and could have a compelling impact on reducing the carbon footprint. Passenger vehicles account for nearly 30 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce the amount of traffic and transportation – make a significant change on the environment.

Global supply chains will undergo rapid transformation – diverse, resilient and digital: We have built incredibly strong global relationships throughout our supply chain over decades. And we’ve been undergoing our own digital makeover that put us in the position to be more agile during one of the greatest moments of uncertainly we’ve ever faced. We’ve got powerful data sets that give us real-time visibility, intelligence and automation across planning and delivery, procurement, manufacturing and warehousing. We can apply predictive analytics to model a variety of outcomes to make smart decisions with speed. This resiliency is core to being able to meet customer needs now and in a post-Covid world.

The 4th industrial revolution will arrive faster and gives us a path to economic recovery: The shift to a remote workforce and the “just stay home” movement have underscored the importance of digital transformation for organizations – to innovate and rapidly put technology to work to create new ways of doing business. Companies that have started optimising for digital experiences are a step ahead as others grapple with creating the same – or even better, a seamless experience online as they offer in-person. AI and Machine Learning play a big role to glean meaningful business insights from vast amounts of data.

Healthcare and education will transform to have the greatest impact on society if we get it right: Embracing digital transformation means positive changes for healthcare and education, creating the ability to reach everyone to close skills gaps and prepare the workforce of the future. The gaps in the digital divide need to close. Government stimulus can further accelerate the speed at which education and healthcare organisations can digitally transform to serve their communities in new ways. 5G and scalable technology infrastructure can drive these necessary changes.


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