HCL launches COVID-19 Risk Assessment App to Help Enterprises Bring People Back to Work Safely


HCL Technologies (HCL) has launched a COVID-19 Risk Assessment App, which aims to help enterprises bring people back to work safely. As the status of lockdowns fluctuate in cities and countries, the app is designed help companies develop plans to allow their staff return to office facilities by assessing each employee’s vulnerability to infection and the risk they pose to others.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment App was built by HCL as part of SAP’s Partner Ecosystem Social Collaboration initiative, which was launched to develop technology solutions to tackle the challenges facing workers during these unprecedented times. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), the web/mobile app uses data provided by employees and maps this against the latest science and government advice to generate a personal risk profile and guidance for each employee. The app provides dynamic updates to these profiles, alerting users when advice changes.

The resulting risk assessments can then inform workforce planning and help reduce corporate risk during business recovery, while avoiding using any underlying General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sensitive data. For employees, the app provides a source of assurance and supports their welfare based on the latest medical advice.

The app is flexible and is HCM (Human Capital Management) system agnostic, meaning it can be adapted to any geography or industry.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment App is relevant globally and will be downloadable from SAP App center.


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