IT firm warns of hackers during COVID-19


CyberProof Inc, a UST Global company, has warned of hackers, including cyber criminals and state-sponsored threat actors taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak to accelerate their activities and spread their own infections.

Hackers have underground networks for communicating among themselves and sharing resources for a cyber attack.

UST Global is the biggest IT employer in Kerala and CyberProof is their wholly owned subsidiary.

Yuval Wollman, President, CyberProof, said, “As threat hunters, we have become increasingly aware of the greater need for diligence and awareness regarding the latest cyber security threat — hackers taking advantage of new vulnerabilities during this difficult time.

“In crisis situations, the underground community springs into action, and we need to do the same. To protect your organization, make sure employees are keeping their guard up and follow best practices for cyber security,” said Wollman.



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