Manorama Infosolutions launches New Telemedicine & Teleconsultation Solution to fight COVID-19

Manoj Kanodia, CEO, Inspira Enterprise India

Manorama Infosolutions, a sister concern of Inspira Enterprise, (a global leading security solutions and digital transformation company) has launched a ready to implement Telemedicine Solution for remote Tele consultation of the COVID-19 suspects or patients. The Solution is helpful in managing Corona Virus Pandemic and for offering non COVID-19 related guidance and Medical Help for District Administration Authorities, Government & Private Health Authorities. This optimizes the use of Clinical Resources and enables efficient Care Delivery by the medical authorities for the treatment of COVID-19.

The revolutionary solution is helpful in reducing the exposure of Medical Staff, Doctors, and Health Workers from coming in direct contact with suspected carriers curbing disease transmission. The solution also comes with an Education Portal and advanced AI enabled Chatbot for self-help which would reduce load on the healthcare system.

Once implemented, a patient can call a toll-free number (to be provided by concerned govt./medical authorities) for the desired remote consultation. Concerned authorities can authorize Nurse/Health Worker for attending the call centre who will be able to enter the person’s demographics, travel history and symptoms into the system. The Health Worker will be able to also guide the person appropriately as per the government guidelines on COVID-19 management, fast tracking the care delivery, ensuring efficient medical services management.

Manoj Kanodia, CEO Inspira, said “there is a major concern among citizens and medical associations about managing a huge population with limited govt. doctor availability and capacity. In order to be ready for this level of disruption, Tele-consultation can be one such solution, which can alleviate multiple risks such as reducing loads on doctors and medical staff, visit patient loads, safe implementation of health measures/ self-quarantines on the basis the remote consultation of health experts.”

After the successful implementation of the Telemedicine solution, DEAN, R.C.S.M Govt. Medical College, Kolhapur said, “The Telemedicine Solution has been Implemented, Installed & running successfully. We are getting the satisfactory benefits from Telemedicine Software by Manorama Infosolutions to minimize the COVID-19 Risk Factors.”

The Application is as per Indian Government Telemedicine Guidelines validating WHO compliances. It can be hosted on HIPPA Compliant secure Cloud platform like Google, Azure, AWS. The solution can be hosted either on cloud platforms or on premises with reasonable internet bandwidth to sustain multiple video consultations and can be used by both government and private hospitals.

Manorama Infosolutions has recently deployed the solution in Kolhapur, Maharashtra in partnership with the District Disaster Management Authority, to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak in the district and is helping in fast-tracking and handling the desired medical services. This Solution has been hosted for Kolhapur District and was launched in presence of Hon. Health Minister of State, Rajendra Patil Yadravkar & Guardian Minister, Satej Patil.

The Telemedicine Solution can help Governments, Hospitals to curb the level 3 and level 4 Stages of COVID-19 and can help to :-

  •     Minimise transmissibility, morbidity and mortality;
  •     Minimise the burden on/ support health systems
  •     Reduce the risk to vulnerable people
  •     Inform, engage and empower the public
  •     Evidence-based decision making
  •     Strong linkages with emergency response arrangements;
  •     Clear strategic approaches to the collection of national surveillance data
  •     Quick assessments and decisions (epidemiological and individual)
  •     Quick scaling up of health services and response measures in case of community spread to shorten the overall duration of the COVID-19 pandemic relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities.


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