Milagrow launches 4 humanoid robots to help India in Covid-19 fight


Indian consumer robot maker Milagrow has launched its 4 new humanoid robots – RoboDiCaprio, RoboJulia, RoboNano and RoboElf – which are specially designed to cater to hotels, hospitals, restaurants and corporate offices.

The company said that, as the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across India, the demand for automated solutions across sectors is high.

Milagrow had introduced four humanoid robots to cater to increased demand in the healthcare, hospitality and office management industry.

“Our robots will increase efficiency and productivity across industries while promoting social distancing. With our unique, state-of-the-art offerings, we look forward to creating a new set of value-added jobs.” Rajeev Karwal, Founder -Chairman, Milagrow Humantech, said in a statement.

Giving the insight details of the newly launched robots, the company said ‘RoboDiCaprio – The Guest Relations Robot’ is 155 cm tall and equipped with advanced sensors to sense the human presence in proximity, RoboDiCaprio can actively interact with visitors. The humanoid also has face recognition capabilities with response milliseconds and 98 per cent accuracy.

Standing tall at 155 cms, “RoboJulia The Serving Robot,” is designed to deliver meals to the guest designated tables, explain the menu, give restaurant information etc. The robot can even deliver different meals to three different tables. It can work universally, take fast turns and has an emergency stop.

The third one ‘RoboElf – The Service Assistant’ has already been deployed at the AIIMS, New Delhi and Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai. The robot’s latest version has a business management system and it can also collect and manage collected data from each robot so the user can better run their businesses.

The fourth one RoboNano – The Personal Companion, is a personal assistant robot equipped with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.

This intelligent, cloud-enabled robot features voice assistance, smart home control and remote surveillance capabilities, delivering centralised management and security to households around the world. RoboNano stands 85 cms tall and comes with over 50 sensors to avoid objects in its way, recognize voices and know when someone enters the room.

Additionally, the humanoid can order pizza, request a car, track fitness stats, control the TV and play music from today’s leading streaming providers, the company said.



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