South IT Association Confed and SNEHAM IT Association meets Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu for critical services permission


Amidst the lockdown due to the pandemic brought in by Covid-19, IT businesses are witnessing a standoff like never before. South IT Association Confed and SNEHAM IT Association met Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu and extended a request through a letters  seeking permission for  its IT association members’ to be allowed to open offices and provide critical service to its customers who are active today for Hospitals, Pharma, Banks and other Essential services industry.

This is to resume providing critical services for computers, printers, copiers, UPS and supply of consumables between 10am to 2pm between Monday and Friday only.

The letter from SNEHAM reads, “We as a responsible association shall take necessary prevention like wearing mask, carrying alcohol-based sanitizer, with a restricted time between 10AM and 2PM between Monday to Friday only.” It adds, “In case required, we can also take responsibility issuing passes to our association members. This helps people to use the Computers and Peripherals for Internet Banking or Email or order processing, Online Payments, GST etc.”

Ramesh Babu, Secretary, SNEHAM IT Association, Chennai says, “We handed over a letters of request to our honorable Deputy CM, Mr. O Panner Selvam from both SNEHAM IT Association and Confed IT Association to put forth the tough situation and crisis we all are facing due to the lockdown. Mr Selvam received both the letters and has immediately forwarded them to the Chief Secretary’s office.  All of us then met the Chief Secretary and tabled the issues and challenges faced by us. He then passed on the concerns to the committee.”

Ramesh Babu adds, “We hope to see our offices resume work at the earliest. We would also like to extend gratitude to our advisor Mr. Raja and Mr. Deva for arranging the meeting with the Deputy Chief Minister.”


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