The current times have taught companies to keep business agile and responsive: Sairaman Mudaliar, Pentagon Systems

Sairaman Mudaliar

Pentagon and Dell is helping customer achieve a better WFH practice by using services like VDI, Dell PC as a Service, SD-WAN and Unified Work Space

Mumbai based Sairaman Mudaliar, Co-founder and Director, Pentagon Systems and Services (PSSPL) believes the current times have taught that companies to keep business agile and responsive; build strategies towards digitisation and focus on digital transformation. With every user connecting from remote locations and many trying to connect through open internet, data security was and is a concern and Pentagon helped its customers access their data securely and maintain their business continuity process (BCP) practice with its expertise. During the course of change in business operations, the surge in demand and prioritising the services as well as workloads was very challenging.
Remembering the early days of the lockdown, Mudaliar says, “Work from home was a new experience for all of us compared to a few enterprises and MNCs. Our operation teams did a great job in enabling the entire organisation to formulate it and quickly move to a remote working module. Payments took a big hit while customers were trying to settle down and secure their finances for business operations, but as we specialise in most of the BCP services, we were able to serve our customers in their time of need.”

Today, Pentagon operates extensively in India providing innovative IT solutions, IT infrastructure management services, server, storage virtualisation technologies, facility management services and also computer AMC. Among its business alliances, Pentagon enjoys long standing partnership with Dell EMC and is one of the Titanium Dell EMC partners of India. The service provider’s portfolio extends through various industries ranging from corporate, public-sector organisations, while having found a strong foothold in manufacturing and banking.

“We are working with Dell to help our customer achieve a better work from home (WFH) practice by using services like VDI, Dell PC as a Service, SD-WAN and Unified Work Space, along with our skill set to implement and operate the same. With the current financial situation many customers want services at lower cost to what they used to pay earlier. Dell has always been supporting the customers in their journey and has been enabling us to accelerate in the same,” Mudaliar informs.


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