Data Technology Solutions: A virtual event on NVMe technology


Western Digital and CRN India organised a virtual conference called Data Technology Solutions on June 24, 2021, focused on the subject ‘Better with NVMe’. Companies like Raidix, Supermicro and Shro Systems also demonstrated their software and hardware solutions at the event

Data storage has emerged as an entire segment during this pandemic. With the theme, ‘Better with NVMe’, Western Digital along with media partner ‘CRN India’, organised an interactive virtual event called, ‘Data Technology Solutions’ on June 24, 2021. The focus of the virtual conference was data storage technology NVMe and the evolving data storage requirements. Moreover, speakers from Raidix, Supermicro and Shro Systems demonstrated their software and hardware solutions in the event.

The event began with a keynote by Khalid Wani, Director, Western Digital. He stated, “It is important to note how storage as a segment is shaping up during the pandemic. We continue to see growth in revenue, year over year. Western Digital has a broad storage portfolio for partners. The benefits of NVMe storage can be visualised by comparing it to other similar platforms. The product portfolio will definitely help the channel partners.”

Jaganath Chelliah, Director, Marketing, West Digital commented, “Every organisation is radically transforming their business and redefining it. Seamless customer experience is crucial. AI will be effective to deliver the prediction with the help of the data, and for this to happen, fast data takes precedence. This is where NVMe technology comes, it ensures that every micro-second counts. E-commerce, healthcare and insurance industries are making significant use of data prediction with the help of NVMe.”

The event moved ahead with a special address by Manpreet Ahluwallia, Regional Sales Manager North, Western Digital. He introduced the audience to data storage products like Ultrastar DC SN640, SN840 and OpenFlex Data 24. These products could vary with higher endurance for heavier workload and higher random write performance.

According to Ahluwallia, “NVMe SSDs have large target applications. It contributes to big data mining, financial services, content delivery for caching for streaming services, server virtualisation and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).”

Next, Vladimir Kasatkin, Business Development Director, Raidix spoke about challenges to network storage arrays and data protection. He also presented the solutions. According to Kasatkin, “Raidix Era gives more performance from the same hardware platform, it is flexible, cost-efficient and lightweight in use.”

Further, Vineet Tyagi from Supermicro drew the audience’s attention towards market opportunity for NVMe and its benefits. “The global NVMe market size is projected to grow from US$ 44.6 billion in 2020 to US$ 163.5 billion by 2025. Improved power efficiency and substantial latency improvements drive NVMe.”

Anirudh Shrotriya, Managing Director, Shro Systems addressed the audience with his session titled, ‘The Storage Transformation Age’. According to Shrotriya, “Storage has not changed in years. We are witnessing a transformation from managing storage to unleashing the data. NVMe SSDs empower to evolve from the legacy SATA and SAS solutions to extreme performance.”

The virtual event came to an end with the audience questions and answers session addressed by Bhavin Shah, Enterprises Business, Western Digital and Naresh Rana, Lead, Enterprise Business, Western Digital. In the end, Rana concluded the event with his presentation on ‘Analogy of storage technologies’ at Western Digital.

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