‘Govt, manufacturing, healthcare and retail sectors are early adopters of SDDC’


The widespread digital transformation trend across the country is not just driving demand for data centres, but also presents a plethora of opportunities for various solutions and services around data centres

The digitisation drive in the India, across industries and sectors, has resulted in massive amounts of data, thereby driving constant demand for data centre and related solutions and services. Mumbai-based Mahavir Sys Power is one of the oldest players in power saving and backup solutions space, with over 25 years of market place.

Pranav Shah, Director, Mahavir Sys Power

Speaking exclusively to CRN India, Pranav Shah, Director, Mahavir Sys Power, sheds lights on the demand in data centre domain. He says, “Due to the increasing importance and penetration of digitisation in the Indian economy, there will be a huge demand for building highly efficient and reliable data centres of various sizes and uptime availability across all industry verticals.”

The company provides various services and solutions to customers in the data centre space. Mahavir Sys Power offers a single point of contact and complete ownership approach to its customers in which it designs, builds and operates modern data centres using highly efficient UPS systems with batteries (traditional and modular design), precision cooling (floor based cooling and high density in-row cooling), racks, intelligent rack PDUs, modular and scalable power distribution, IBMS, remote monitoring and integrated management services.

Elaborating on market trends and the company’s competencies and capabilities to cater to customer needs, Shah says, “IT, telecom, banking and insurance verticals are aggressive users of data centres. Whereas, government, manufacturing, healthcare and retail are early adopters of software defined data centres (SDDC). We have developed capabilities for managing all aspects of the data centre through holistic data centre infrastructure management which helps in reducing CapEx and OpEx by leveraging and optimising the existing infrastructure, increasing energy efficiency through monitoring and analysis of carbon footprint, PUE and energy usage.”

Mahavir Sys Power forms its strategies based on the current challenges faced by the customer in planning of data centre which are rapidly changing in terms of factors such as technology, dynamic power variations, high density server power and heat, server consolidation and virtualisation, uncertainty on future plan for capacity and density, increasing availability expectations, energy and service cost control pressure, etc.

Shah states, “We design our solutions by  considering all physical aspects such as IT infrastructure; functional aspects such as monitoring, modeling and software services; and lifecycle factors including analysis, design, implementation and operation for delivering highly efficient and reliable data centres to our customers.”

The company has been working with Schneider Electric, which has a complete range of solutions to solve the challenges faced by customer in designing modern data centres. It follows several best practices in order to secure the cloud-based applications of customers and protect the data centre from attacks. For instance, Mahavir Sys Power uses cloud-based monitoring tools included in Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT, which allows centralised management of multiple edge environmental monitoring and security solutions.

Highlighting the future roadmap set for his company, Shah adds, “Considering the demand for highly efficient and reliable data centres, we are ready with our solutions for lithium-ion batteries, edge computing data centres and cloud-based monitoring tools, to be a one-stop solution provider for our customers in the data centre space.”


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