Vertiv introduces a compact, pre-packaged power management system


The Liebert cPDU is an affordable and reliable power solution for digital applications including computer rooms, LANS/WANS, communication facilities and manufacturing divisions

Vertiv, a global provider of critical infrastructure solutions, has introduced Liebert cPDU, a reliable and affordable power management solution for critical computer rooms, LANS/WANS, communication facilities and manufacturing divisions. Housed in a single, self-contained cabinet, the system combines distribution, computer-grade grounding, and branch circuit power monitoring to provide clean and monitored power to vital electronic equipment. The Liebert cPDU is available in India, in 20-80 kVA capacities.

The Liebert cPDU’s combination of performance features, including custom tailored power system, and compact footprint, make it ideal for delivering monitored power in a wide range of applications from IT and manufacturing, to retail and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI). It offers the benefits of a custom-tailored power system, with the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory tested unit.

Fully compatible with the non-linear loads of modern computer systems and other electronic equipment, the Liebert cPDU automatically establishes a single point ground to meet the grounding recommendations of major electronics manufacturers’ and the National Electric Code. It has built-in metering and alarm annunciation that communicates directly with Vertiv’s centralized infrastructure monitoring systems. A very compact single cabinet, the Liebert cPDU has a single power connection to the building wiring, which simplifies hook-up and reduces installation cost and time. In addition, flexible cables can be specified in lengths and sizes to match sensitive electronic loads, making the system easy to relocate and expand based on business requirements.

“We are constantly innovating, expanding and upgrading our technology and infrastructure to enhance our customers’ experiences while delivering high quality services. The Liebert cPDU is a testament to this. By introducing this compact, affordable product, we have ensured that our customers have access to reliable power management solutions which will enable seamless functioning of their critical facilities,” said Manish Sawant, senior director – power products management, Vertiv India.



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