IoT – A Key component of Digital Transformation


The Indian enterprises, be it government or private, are already matching pace with the global companies in adopting emerging technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and Edge Computing among others to drive new business models. Talking specifically about IoT as a disruptive technology, the increasing use cases clearly suggest that organisations are looking at this technology as a key enabler to drive their digital transformation journey.

For instance, India’s leading natural gas distribution company, Indraprastha Gas Ltd. (IGL), has been a pioneer in using IoT technology for managing the infrastructure, frequent bi-directional communication with meters for billing, payment collection, gas reconciliation, etc. It has moved from manual post-paid metering solution to IoT based smart gas metering system that underpins strategy to boost efficiencies and enhance customer experience.

Similarly, Otis Elevator Company is using IoT and data from the largest service portfolio in the world to enhance its ability to actively monitor and predict maintenance needs for each individual customer. The company’s engineers are working to develop the next generation of elevators – ‘smart’ elevators.

Diverse Indian enterprise are set to leverage intelligent connectivity of smart devices. On top of it, IoT combined with other emerging tech will provide a comprehensive view and contextual intelligence into the scheme of things

As the county is leapfrogging into deployment of IoT, it also offers a plethora of opportunities for solution providers to deploy this technology at a large scale to bring efficiencies and economies of scale. In fact, these players are not only acquiring the right skills, but also focusing on collaborating with different technology partners to provide customers with a holistic solution.

Given the potential of the IoT market, new players are vying an entry into the ecosystem. One such category of players is the IMS service providers for whom IoT is the next logical step having deep expertise in managing multiple infrastructure projects and associated hardware installation.

The growing adoption of IoT is also prompting cybercriminals to create a thriving marketplace for certain IoT-based attacks and services. While IoT attacks are still in their infancy, it is being found that people with malicious intent are already discussing how to leverage industrial equipment for the same gain and It is time for organisations to be ready to protect their Industry 4.0 environments.

Nivedan Prakash
Senior Associate Editor, CRN India
[email protected]


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