NetApp: Data visionary in the true sense


The very backbone of digital disruption lies with data. For organisations to be successful, they must fuel data-driven innovation by leveraging digital technologies and modernising their IT infrastructure. Data is the new everything in this digital world as almost everything is related to data and it is no more just a form ledger or record.

The last few years have seen a major explosion in how data is being utilised and interpreted. People have also witnessed more than 100 percent to 200 percent growth rate every year in terms of data consumption. This change has brought in the renewed interest in storing, archiving and accessing data on demand economically.

As customers become more data-driven, they are looking for products and strategies that help them in their digital transformation. This is where, tech giants like NetApp have taken a leap over others, helping businesses maximise the value of their data with an expanded portfolio of services.

NetApp, traditionally a storage vendor, has now to its true essence, transitioned into a data management company. Its core competency lies in data, ranging from data storage, data protection, data location, on-premises, hybrid data to data compression, which also spirals out the company’s philosophy of data fabric.

Anil Valluri, President – India & SAARC for NetApp, rightly puts, “We see huge green pastures in India as the very presence of 1.3 billion people is a huge opportunity because data usage is high. Cloud has transformed into a big component for every enterprise, coupled with the entire digital transformation across all facets of industries, making data an asset for the enterprise.”

This compelling story of NetApp is backed by a strong partner ecosystem in the country. Looking at the significant contribution of the channel in its success story, the company will continue to enable their growth so that they can ally with NetApp’s
strategies and product lines.

“With the help of our partners, we plan to grow in the commercial segment, acquire new customers and expand growth in cities or markets where we are currently not present,” opines Kaushal Veluri, Channel Head of NetApp India & SAARC.

Nivedan Prakash
Senior Associate Editor, CRN India
[email protected]


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