SEAGATE: Redefining Data Storage Infrastructure


Data is what drives business decisions today. For organisations, the ability to access their data quickly, efficiently, and predictably can provide a competitive edge in a crowded and disruptive marketplace. In fact, the leading industry experts believe that the growth of data and storage is going to be the biggest factor driving IT infrastructure change.

One of the key initiators of the astounding growth rate of data today is the explosion of unstructured data. As a result, companies need a new generation of scale-out storage engineered to store and manage unstructured and file-based data at web scale. Unstructured data is also creating the need for scale-out storage such as highly scalable NAS solutions and software defined storage.

Forrester believes 2020 will be a key year for data strategy, leading to significant increases in spending on data storage and data management. According to the research firm, enterprises looking to push more into the cloud and exploit edge computing are also staring at a new reality where the transactional cost of data processing and movement will outstrip storage. Advanced firms will understand the benefits of getting all of this right and will double or triple their data strategy budget to soar past competitors.

Sensing these changing market landscape, the global data storage leader, Seagate, is offering the widest range of world-class product portfolio, from purpose-built drives for different usage scenarios to modular storage system components. As a leader in data storage solutions, Seagate continues to develop the industry’s broadest range of products to enable enterprises to select the right solution for their unique requirements, and to meet the ever-changing dynamics of IT.

The company is also focusing on helping partners drive profitability by enabling them to embrace and monetise the new opportunities around edge computing and artificial intelligence. Seagate sees itself not just as a storage provider, but a business partner who can build best-in-class solutions together with its channel partners – from the first stage of projects to developing a solutions pipe line to provide consultation, establish systems and provide technical support.

Nivedan Prakash
Senior Associate Editor, CRN India
[email protected]


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