The Democratisation of AI


In India, AI is becoming pervasive and has now seen adoption in a huge number of firms that are looking to automate some of their key processes. While the usage of chatbots is common now, the potential of AI is being explored to solve some unique problems. For example, Uttar Pradesh is using an AI powered video analytics tool to monitor prison activity across 70 prisons in real-time. The AI solution will ensure that law enforcement authorities are notified immediately when an unlawful activity is detected.

Similarly, in the case of jewellery giant, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, AI is being used for automating product and attribute identification. TBZ is using AI to look at the design of each jewellery and automatically capturing all the attributes.

HDFC Life is using AI to build applications such as Face Sense which compares the images of customer visiting itsm branches for payouts with their KYC submitted at the time of policy issuance. This helps the insurer to determine whether they are the same customer, thereby reducing the risk.

At ICICI Lombard, when a motor policy comes for renewal past its due date, a surveyor comes and checks the vehicle for any damages. This process has been made AI enabled. Currently, close to 60 per cent of motor policy renewals, that are past their due date and require an inspection, are processed through AI.

At Wockhardt, an AI-based solution alerts the probability of an employee leaving the firm. This has helped the company curb attrition. AI is being used as a teaching assistant to help students learn at their own pace at IIT Guwahati.

Titan has taken AI to a different level, and has used AI to create new designs of watches. The firm has created an AI based design tool, which after learning from images of existing watches is able to create new watch designs. The AI tool has the ability to blend aesthetic elements of successful watches and reimagine watch forms. This not only helps in reducing design turnaround time, but also augments the capabilities of its watch designers. Over a period of time, as AI systems analyse massive amounts of data, they will be able to solve some of the biggest problems known to man (example, urban flooding, cure for cancer).

In the future, as AI systems learn and unlearn, expect IT to push the benchmarks of excellence in every business process.

Srikanth RP
Editor, CRN India
[email protected]


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