Celebrating 40 years of IBM memories


It’s been 40 years since the American IT giant, IBM, closed down its operations in India in 1978. However, its legacy still lives on and is celebrated passionately among ex employees, due to the efforts of K R Naik, Executive Chairman, Smartlink Holdings.

This 40-year reunion, organised by Naik, was held at JW Marriott, Sahar, in Mumbai. The initiative was started by L H Bhatia to celebrate the 25-year reunion at Beech Caffic, Versova in the year 2003, and the tradition has been carried with ex-IBM employees across India getting together to take a walk down memory lane after 30 and 35 years. This is the fourth reunion hosted by Naik for his ex-IBM colleagues and their families.

Naik said, “It gives me great pleasure to host the 40-year reunion. It’s incredible that even after so many years; we share a strong bond and love for IBM. We’ve had a wonderful time reminiscing about the days that were and catching up with what everyone is currently doing.”

This year’s reunion witnessed attendance of many ex-IBMers and their families.


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