AlphaCore boosts operational efficiency and sustainability


AlphaCore focuses on IoT-based predictive maintenance solutions which add value to the client’s existing set up by upgrading their machinery in minutes and helping them steer towards becoming a smart factory. This comprehensive solution is a combination of Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics, and machine learning, deployed for industrial use.

Nirmal Parekh, Founder & Managing Director, Alphacore, says, “We provide visibility to the live data and enable them to promptly engage with the necessary remedial actions.” Parekh continues with an example of a chemical company client, “Our IoT enabled sensors have been installed on the fan motor of a cooling tower. The live data monitoring of this machine helped detect the loosening of the foundation bolt around 4:30 a.m. and immediately notified the issue to the client via SMS and email alerts. Timely data alerts and the instant remedial action prevented the unforeseen hazardous impact on the workers’ lives on site and the loss of productivity and revenue.”

Most of the companies have skilled maintenance teams, but are constantly challenged to get an instant diagnostic insight for their critical equipment when there is a mechanical error. Usually, they would call a vibration expert to diagnose the issue which may lead to unplanned production downtime.

“Working with AlphaCore, our customers have the unique advantage of their critical machine health being constantly analysed via our remote monitoring desk facility. Also, our CAT-3 level vibration experts are instantly available online to proactively provide and resolve any upcoming problem, making our IP model uniquely positioned in the area of Industrial IoT,” he explains.

At the forefront of predictive maintenance
The team at AlphaCore is constantly upgrading itself with the latest technology trends to enable its clients to stay ahead of the curve. IoT has been coveted in most of the industries for its predictive analysis.

“We look forward to leveraging technologies to upgrade our clients in the manufacturing industry, ensuring we are the forefront of predictive maintenance and condition monitoring. We aim to deliver a self- sufficient system to identify and predict the potential status, the probable causes of the mechanical failures and the most appropriate resolution for the same,” informs Parekh, adding, “ With operational, production efficiency and sustainability being the key focus areas, we are working towards expanding with a wide range of ancillary solutions offering our customers enhanced resilience to any human errors and any other unforeseen scenarios.”

Taking account of network security and legacy systems
A well-defined digital transformation strategy is critical for the overall success of IoT implementation in a manufacturing setting.

“As the technology landscape is constantly changing, we are on a front foot not only to customise our solutions to meet our client’s technical setup requirements, but also have a foresight for the future state of readiness. We believe that the company’s legacy systems should be taken into account to identify potential challenges. We have our expertise in integrating network security which is one of the vital components in our digitisation journey,” describes Parekh.

With increasing competition in the market, Parekh further highlights the values that AlphaCore offers to the customers, “Providing a high value yet cost effective solution and delivering excellent customer satisfaction all through have been our company’s policy and priority. In addition to focusing on an end-to-end implementation and planning, including seamless integration of our various ancillary services, AlphaCore also works towards empowering the customers to make their units self-sufficient by conducting educational training workshops.

Upgrading the tech
AlphaCore is now moving towards integration of IoT and Edge computing for human safety and emergency response system. Leveraging IoT enabled Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for tracking the data for the worker safety parameters like monitoring the heart rate, activity/gestures, toxic gasses, etc. Furthermore, Edge computing has the capacity to constantly monitor data of the workers on-site, thereby ensuring a safe working environment. With a cutting-edge combination of data-gathering sensors, real-time analytics, and processing software, these solutions are transforming workplaces.

Strategy for 2020 and beyond
AlphaCore is closely working with its partner OEMs to enhance the solution features to be on par with the upcoming technology trends. “We are aiming at establishing a complete ecosystem development and integrating need-based additional technical enhancements and be an end-to-end service provider. We are also expanding into the verticals outside of the manufacturing domain that can compliment and assist our clients,” he adds.



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