Bloom Electronics looking at a 20% YoY growth


The journey of Bloom Electronics has many interesting milestones. The company started on January 2, 1991. Initially it grew as a hub for consumables like floppies, floppy disks drives, printer ink cartridges, etc. In 1993, the company started selling hardware. The year 1995 was all the more interesting and significant for the company with India opening the doors to global business, whereby imports became legal.

“Right from the day one, it somehow so happened that every vendor’s first choice would be Bloom Electronics for the specific location. Every distributor’s bill number one would be Bloom. For that matter, Dell’s first distributor in 2008 when they came into channels was Bloom. The first Dell store in APAC was by Bloom,” says S Karthikeyan, MD, Bloom Electronics.

According to Karthikeyan, what went really right for Bloom was the ability to foresee demand and need of the time. The acquiring of a software company, choosing the right product line are some of the many things that exactly fell in line for them.

“We are strategically placed in such a way that even if one business is slow in my portfolio, then there is another business to complement it to grow and this phenomenon will continue. This year I am looking at a growth of 30 per cent. But consistently I am clocking and looking at a 20 per cent y-o-y growth,” he says.

As a group, Bloom Electronics is present in India, Middle East, Australia, Africa, UK, US and


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