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Varun Kumar Reddy B, CEO, Fragma Data Systems
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Fragma Data Systems is a cloud first enterprise AI and Big Data solutions provider for companies across all major industries, helping them to transform their data into insights. The company was launched in 2015 by Varun Reddy B and Raja Reddy K, with a mission to simplify and provide insightful analytics from data to large and medium companies.

“We started with a team of passionate data engineers, data scientists along with domain experts with wide industry experience. Today, Fragma is one of the few Gold Partners in India for Microsoft Azure Data Platforms and have been growing at a rapid pace. We strive to be the best cloud based data and analytics consulting firm in the industry,” says Varun Kumar Reddy B, CEO, Fragma Data Systems.

Currently, this Bengaluru based data analytical firm has 22 large enterprise clients from the BFSI, e-commerce, manufacturing and retail sectors across India, the Middle East and Europe. Fragma clocked a turnover of about ` 30 million in the previous year, ending March 2018 and has already clocked a revenue of 25 million in June 2018 with a pipeline of 60 million till December 2018.

In a recent case study of India’s leading financier, the prime objective of developing an advanced multi-variate time-series-based customer segmentation model on SAS to run monthly campaigns and risk policies smoothly remained unfulfilled. Since the SAS model was not able to scale with large volumes of data (>500GB) (550cr+ records ) crunching, it was took almost 24 days to run each campaign, which put a damper on campaign success.

To help the customer win the challenge, the team of Fragma Data Systems deployed the Spark model on Microsoft Azure HDInsights, which effortlessly supported the scale and flexibility. Following the implementation of the solution, the overall processing time came down from 24 days (on SAS) to 25 minutes (on Spark/HDInsights), paving the way for the team to run monthly campaigns within the stipulated time to drive US$ 100 million revenue.

“The success of this project has established us as a preferred data and AI partner and win against our competition, which in turn helped us massive business growth as we started getting continuous projects from the client,” remarks Reddy B.

Future roadmap
The applicability of Fragma solution has a wide potential across industries and customers. “We have deployed similar solution for banking customers and are going strong in the data analytics practice to create an impact of US$ 500 million while driving consumption of US$ 10 million. The opportunity size is over US$ 1 million per annum for each account on an average and this is just the tip of the iceberg that we call success,” sums up Reddy.

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