Focused on ruling cloud business by 2020

Punit Thakkar, Founder & CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services

Mumbai based Shivaami Cloud Services is a premier partner for Google Cloud.Shivaami resells cloud products and services to its client, in particular G Suite and Office 365. The company has deployed G Suite for many organisations, which were using legacy messaging system on their premises and a number of hosted applications on their servers. Shivaami has deployed and streamlined the workflow by implementing G Suite in these organisations and overcoming the entire problem that they face. The company has helped many clients move to the cloud without investing in hardware.

Punit Thakkar, founder and CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services, reveals that the cloud business has grown rapidly in the last two years. A couple of years ago Shivaami had forty employees and now it has more than a hundred staff members. The company has a strong base of 7,000 plus customers. It has partnered with many other cloud solutions to be the one stop provider for its customers.

The top verticals contributing to Shivaami’s revenues are IT/ITeS, hospitality, manufacturing and retail/utilities. He gives the example of Amkett Analytics, which had inadequate infrastructure for messaging and collaboration, leading to hindrance in smooth operations within the organisation. Department heads had difficulty in monitoring emails from a widely dispersed audience and many other challenges. Shivaami enabled Amkette implement G Suite for users across its multiple operations. Freshdesk helped in generating tickets. Compliance setting enabled department heads to monitor mails. G Suite facilitated email access on multiple devices with POP connection using recent keywords. Google mobile management enforced policies on employee mobile access. G Suite was easy to set up and was operational in a very limited time. Gmail made communication easier and more streamlined.

Some of the common challenges that the company faces during any project are legacy migration, mobility management, communication within the organisation and coordination. Shivaami overcame these challenges with the help of its well trained services team and G Suite adoption best practices developed over a period of many years.

Future road map
Thakkar, who has big plans for the future, says, “We have a 1000 days vision which ends on January 26, 2020. The entire organisation is working hard on accomplishing the goal to take leadership position in the cloud market, 210 team members, 22,270 active customers and US$ 22,22,00,000 of profit.” Cloud security is the next destination for Shivaami as it has started practice and R&D in this space.


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